Pakistan: The Joint Enterprise Decapitating Humanity—Part III


Imran Khan indirectly blames Pak Army chief Bajwa for his ouster - South  Asia News

by Mian Hameed    21 November 2022

Indeed June 17, 1939, was the last day a man would be guillotined in a revolution. In our times the new perplexing norm in a revolution is decapitation of humanity, so one “severed head” depicting impressionable violence upon him may not look “at us from the other world where we all are destined to go.”

In this series of articles; Part I here,  and Part II here, we saw individuals that are a party to the Joint Enterprise Decapitating Humanity. We learnt, more than likely, “The Joint Enterprise is involved in solicitation of murder.” We gathered from unexplainable deaths, the “enterprise torture,” and the unexplained murders, are the modus operandi in Pakistan.

In Bajwa’s outrageous Machiavellian repugnance, the immense nature of his indignities would be a failing telling if Bajwa is looked at from a man demolishing a structure or a man with no fear of being stopped in the course of his excessive self-aggrandizing or seditious and treasonous acts. I am left with an unsettling thought, how much Bajwa would have worked from behind from his behavior to decapitate his mother? My thoughts take me to the pit of epitome, where a man develops from the scraps as a bottom feeder.

Through Bajwa’s orchestrated regime change, he has attempted a revolution in Pakistan. This revolution is more abrupt than what the Congressional Reece Committee hearings in 1956 set out to uncover the unconstitutional methods detrimental to the American way of life.

Bajwa’s soft coup is more than the obvious, making Pakistan subservient to the United States’ foreign policy (FP) or what may come with balkanization of Pakistan. Understanding of Bajwa’s soft coup would not scratch the surface if he is charged with his April 2022, act of insubordination in which he denounced Putin’s aggression in Ukraine—a reversal in Pakistan’s FP, while Khan was still the acting PM. Bajwa’s revolution is a measure to precisely lay the seeds of subversion the Reece Committee aimed to uncover – To uncover the underway decapitation efforts of the American way of life.

In this article, I move to say, the Joint Enterprise is an ongoing mafia type criminal organization. In the United States, the enterprise mafia organizations are prosecuted under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, where the Plaintiff proves, the defendants and the “enterprise” are one and the same and holds severe penalties. The Gambino crime family murder case was prosecuted under RICO.

Bajwa in the aftermath of a regime change, as a ring leader of the Joint Enterprise, has turned into a gambler. Expect him to burn all his capital—institutional and moral. As in a work place, the unlawful discrimination can only exaggerate with time. Likewise, Bajwa’s gamble will attempt to bring his house of dignity down; a house—Pakistan entrusted to him by his father for safekeeping.

As the title suggests, “…Decapitating Humanity” came about from my sad conviction. I hope it is a misplaced sorrow thought going forward. My conviction of the assassination possibility of Imran Khan became visibly apparent on May 25, 2022. (This is the day of the proxy government’s assault on the peaceful protestors.) Like factors of soil formation, I see three biological factors convincing me of a risk to Khan’s life.

First, the brutal footprint of Bajwa. Second, Khan’s lack of performance capacity that avails the Joint Enterprise a continuum—a space and an opportunity. Liquidate Khan is an outcome. Third, our “moral vocabulary,” has not yet energized humanitarian organizations to check the enterprise violent-gang-squads.

The former Prime Minster Khan in an assassination attempt was wounded in his legs by three bullets and a shrapnel. Khan named his suspects: Maj. Gen. Faisal Naseer, PM Shahbaz Sharif and the Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, who is implicated in the murders of Model Town massacre around 2014. These allegations were cleverly taken up by CNN’s Ms. Becky Anderson.

Becky asks Khan, what evidence he has to make these accusations. Becky Informs Khan, his allegations are refuted by all the three accused. Here, I share the Pakistan Military DG Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) communication; it said Khan’s allegations were “…baseless and irresponsible […] to accuse a senior army officer.”

Indeed Becky’s approach is bringing a balance to her journalism, but I suppose time did not allow her to sharpen her journalism. A suspect is a person of interest, as in this news paper’s heading, “San Antonio police asking for help locating murder suspect.” How do you think Faisal Naseer will become a suspect if someone fails to point a finger at him. First Information Report (FIR) is just that—a victim can file with police, naming suspects. In this case, a former PM Khan attempts to file a FIR—a police report against these individuals to no avail. The police will not make a FIR with Maj. Gen. Faisal Naseer’s name as one of the suspects.

In Becky’s employer’s country, the United States, a Grand Jury will indict a suspect in the absence of the suspected. Becky could have ventured deeper into the difficulty Khan is having in filing FIR to make her journalism fair.

One would expect wearing a certain degree of an imposed ignorance to float the orthodoxy view point, that the CNN CEO Chris Licht has vouched to undo the “fake news’  image of CNN, as if CNN was operating in a banana republic.

Regardless of what each of the suspect is said on Twitter in their defense. Khan was subjected to an assassination plot. A video in plain sight shows, the shooter that was rushed by one of Khan’s supporters has no resemblance to the patsy showcased on the national television and was given audience. Khan’s allegations are well placed.

These intellectually deficient players in the assassination plot are throwing a clumsy script at Pakistanis – No one is buying. The script is a botched choreographed assassination attempt. It is shamelessly run on controlled news media. The only reality in the government’s shifting script—acts to feelings, are the real bullets sprayed across the stage.

All else in Pakistan is unreal. The people have become the sea of decency for the island of filth. The shameful undraped figure Chief Justice Bandial swelling from the island of filth has turned cowardly. Bandial has not taken Sua Sponte notice of Khan’s assassination. I am not allowed to use the words from the island of filth where Justice Bandial lives in.

Khan in wishful thinking calls for these three plotters to resign. Khan on social media informs his supporters that he has credible information that Maj. General Faisal Naseer masterminded the hit on him. A few weeks later, Khan informs Pakistanis that he will reveal another name who was in the control room with Maj. Gen. Faisal Naseer, over-watching his assassination operation.

Interlinking these three men to Bajwa as a proclaimed offender is not a long-shot assessment. Maj. Gen. Faisal Naseer is DGC ISI and reports into DG ISI Nadeem Anjum. Nadeem, reports into Bajwa. Those familiar with Pakistan Army’s command protocol know, none of the Director Generals (DGs) can authorize a hit without the express consent of the one they report into. Finding evidence of their guilt requires legwork. All are innocent till proven guilty.

Reasoning would surmise, Khan is the only player left to evict Bajwa. (Bajwa is a bad tenant.) The retired officers are completely deflated after Bajwa cancelled retirement benefits of those that spoke against his dishonorable and seditious acts.

It will be politically incorrect to suggest evicting a dictator by means of the people adopting violence. Those opposed to violence would argue, violence can result in a long stalemate between the people and those in power. They suggest an alternative approach. For the middle class to undermine the power of the police and the elite supporting the military. Once the “middle class and elites defect, and the military and police refuse to use force to suppress opposition, a dictator is finished.” –The citizen’s Handbook. How inventive the people and Khan are, will define Pakistan in history.

But these dictators backing the fascist regime are the proclaimed assassins with a plan to kill the high value target (HVT) obstructionists in the next two weeks. Khan is a HVT. Using nonviolent means to evict a predator dictator is thought consuming exercise.

I am certain Khan has second thoughts to evaluate his wisdom. Contemplating, Pakistan like a frog boiling to death or taking on Bajwa, a dictator. Dictators are usually morally defunct and possess “high levels of narcissism, psychopathy and paranoia […] lack of empathy, guilt or remorse.” –Id.

Khan lacks strategic capacity, is a misfortune for the humanity he is fighting for. Khan, on the eve of April 11, 2022, where the whole nation came out in solidarity and in support of Khan did not empty the swamp. The swamp includes Bajwa and the trio, and certain justices.

Khan did not instill in his people the awareness to act against the justices that nakedly stand hollow from egregiously violating  the code of ethics. Khan did not morally and intellectually assaulted the Chief Justice (CJ) Bandial in a country where they have violated the Nolan principles of public life.

He was not deposed to be brought back into power. Khan id not from the power of the powerless—the people, physically removed the obscenity that is decapitating humanity. Khan and his supporters did not ask the Chief Justice Bandial to resign. Khan’s speeches lately lean to proclaim Bandial  is no longer bound to the code of ethics is too late.

From a weakened justice system the social and the moral cancer in society is metastasizing. Bandial and Justice Minallah are the leading satanic curse in Pakistan, are the examples of men one would not allow in the living rooms belonging to decent and vibrant societies.

As seen in Robert Arlando’s documentary, Silence Patton, before General George Patton was silenced for his interference in the “Allies’ post-war plans,“ Gen. Patton is seen slapping solders for holding a conduct unbecoming to a soldier. Orlando is “not […] quick to dismiss Patton’s abuses.” –Gabriel Andrade.

In each military glory, we can find rogue generals. May it be through their mental illness, or in the case of Bajwa, through his moral depravity; he has not only advocated treasonous, seditious, subversive activities and have forced Pakistan into a pastoral society (without industrialization), but he has placed the seed of the beginnings of decapitating humanity (life, culture and dignity. Gen. Patton would have slapped Bajwa and his trio in support faces.

If Bajwa is set free even without a symbolic slap to his face, in Robert Arlando’s documentary the media circus and the U.S. flawed decision to temporally discharge Patton from his duties  was “a sign of what was to come.” –Id. The former army chief, Gen. Kayani and his brother Kamran Kayani’s alleged corruption, was a sign, “what was to come.”

Khan is expected to join his party’s long march when it reaches Rawalpindi. Khan is of the view that he won’t be better off to channel his mandate to his people via a virtual message even though he can remote control his supporters. The remote control is not blue tooth. It is encrypted telepathy for which the planners believe Khan must be liquidated.