Pakistan: The Joint Enterprise Decapitating Humanity



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by Mian Hameed    31 October 2022

This is a series of small articles. As long as humanity is decapitated in Pakistan, the series, I would not know how to end.

Yes! Bajwa, with borrowed guts, has assaulted democracy in a regime change operation. It became apparent on the eve of April 09, 2022. Khan, left the PM House with his diary – Parting from his love—Pakistan — One day to return. The people await.

‘Mabel, you have to leave now—wake the town.’ The next day after Khan’s departure, each town woke up without Mabel. The country on the eve of April 10, 2022, they voiced a solidarity protest. The People of Pakistan, in unity, lit up their cell phone LED across the nation and undarkened the country.

Khan has a price on his head, but the people still give him bread [..] for their fight is his fight.’ Then Pakistan has Bajwa. He was born to be ‘hunted like a wild animal’ in the day and in night by the Pakistani people—metaphoric. –Adopted from Boney M ballad.

Bajwa and the trio are brutalizing the country with their proxy government. Bajwa has facilitated criminals into the parliament.

A retired Pakistan army general on social media asked, “Why is he [Bajwa] so pro-corrupt—openly, shamelessly. Bajwa’s pressure is on compromising principles, and give concessions to most corrupt parties. Playing field levelled for the criminal to continue destroying the country?”

The answer is quite obvious. Bajwa is negotiating the negotiated. Bajwa, who has seen the dark side of life, though not hunted like a “wild animal” when he was born, is confident he would escape a death sentence like El Lute, whose honor was restored.

‘He had seen the dark side of life, a man they called El Lute.  He wanted a home just like you and me in a country where all would be free. And when the freedom really came to his land, and also to El Lute. Now he walks in the line of the sunny new day – The man they call El Lute.’ –Id.

In the Bajwa-backed regime, the Pakistani people have witnessed a series of suspicious deaths and killings from a pool of those that possessed evidence of money laundering.

The very recent victim of Bajwa backed regime was a dissident journalist Arshad Sharif. The land of the pure was constricted upon him to live in safely. Sharif, like so many other journalists, fled Pakistan from threats to his life, only to meet his fate in Keya. He was shot under mysterious circumstances—mistaken identity or assassination?

No matter how the gruesome killing of Arshad Sharif is explained, it raises a string of unanswered questions. A mother is asking for truth and justice.

A week before, a 70-year-old Azam Swati was arrested for his tweet that had mentioned Bajwa by name. He was tortured naked.  Stripping naked is a new norm in Pakistan. It is a signature move of Bajwa and the trio, carried out by their proxy and borrowed from the Abu Ghraib prison torture tactics.

Azam Swati names those that have tortured him. He has accused Major General Faisal and Sector Commander Faheem. Bajwa is head of the Joint Enterprise. The Joint Enterprise is in the business of torture. The villagers in Aceh Province in the  late 1990s first told us that “enterprise torture” was real.

The Joint Enterprise Torture must make into our “moral vocabulary.” Pakistan’s fight against decapitating humanity has begun October 28, 2022—The Long March.

In these mysterious murders, arrests without warrants, torture, and the use of teargas on peaceful protestors, the people find the impotent Justices and those that have taken an oath to protect the people as the ‘solicitors: an act has not taken place.’ They should not escape the consequences, like El Lute, who was wrongly accused of a crime.

Eleuterio Sánchez Rodríguez (El Lute), was a symbol of opposing oppression. He refused to accept his fate. He brought a change to  Franco’s Spain.

Those that put the face of El Lute, are expected to be cut down to size—the misfortune of Bajwa, heading the Joint Enterprise  of torture. Khan, a Robinhood for the many, desires a home like you and me, where all can live free.