Pakistan: The Joint Enterprise Decapitating Humanity—Part II


Armed forces to stay out of politics, says Gen Bajwa - Pakistan - DAWN.COM

by Mian Hameed    3 November 2022

In this series of small articles; Part I, focus was on Bajwa, DG ISI Nadeem Anjum and the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Nadeem Raza, who are “so pro-corrupt [government]—openly, [and] shamelessly” are the prime suspects in decapitating humanity. –Id. The Joint Enterprise (top brass trio) and their proxy government are committing atrocities in Pakistan. The people of interest are getting liquidated.

The reason I started the series is because the writing is on the wall to cultivate bloodshed in country and to eliminate Khan and Khan’s Haqiqi Azadi (real freedom) movement. Today, media reports, the Former Prime Minister Imran Khan is shot in the foot in an assassination attempt in Pakistan.

“Khan has ‘a price on his head, but the people still give him bread [..] for their fight is his fight.’” –Id.

The Joint Enterprise is involved in solicitation of murder: A murder has not taken place yet. In the case of Bajwa and his posse, it is more of a Joint Enterprise murder. Everyone that participates in executing the plan is liable regardless of who physically carried out the actus reus. Actus reus is the physical act.

Attempted murder and assassinations are the modus operandi. A few weeks back, the Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, makes an open threat to the former PM Imran Khan. He said in reference to Khan, “This troublemaker [to the extent of menace] head should be squashed.” Yes, these treats come from borrowed guts in a fascist regime.

The suspects are obvious and in plain sight. The Chief Justice of Pakistan, Ata Bandial, the world organizations for peace and humanity are silent. Though silently whispering, Bajwa was born from a savage ill. Yet patiently waiting, innocent in their head “like a baby born dead.”