• Intolerance shadowing liberal order in Bangladesh

    Intolerance shadowing liberal order in Bangladesh0

    Bangladeshi people are now living in an environment of constant fear as extremist and militant attacks have intensified and appear to be all around them. Being carried out in what appears to be an incessant fashion, the liberal democratic fabric of Bangladesh is under considerable threat as religious minorities, non-Muslim priests, foreigners, bloggers, atheists, academics,

  • The Potentials of India-Bangladesh Coastal Shipping

    The Potentials of India-Bangladesh Coastal Shipping0

    Earlier this year, Bangladesh shipping minister Shajahan Khan launched the coastal shipping service between Bangladesh and India at the New Mooring container terminal at Chittagong port. The minister said coastal shipping was being implemented within a year after the agreement was signed during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh in June 2015. Khan said, “The goods

  • Death of 1947 in Bangladesh’s Popular Memory

    Death of 1947 in Bangladesh’s Popular Memory4

    Introduction I have been exploring Bangladeshi newspapers and textbooks for school children to study how the partition and the end of British colonialism in India in 1947 is depicted. The objective was to conduct a qualitative content analysis to evaluate the significance of 1947 in Bangladesh’s official and public narratives. I intended to examine state-mandated

  • Persisting Madheshi trouble bodes ill for Nepal in its Constitution making process

    Persisting Madheshi trouble bodes ill for Nepal in its Constitution making process0

    Introduction Nepal has been passing through a series of transitional phases in her march towards democracy and rule of law. The latest phase began in 2006-2007 with the promulgation of the Interim Constitution and the start of the Peace Process. In fact, Nepal’s People’s Movement of April 2006, was instrumental in bringing the decade-long Maoist

  • Minorities in Indian polity

    Minorities in Indian polity0

    The UN Declaration on Minorities, 1992 brings out the need for special attention to the ‘national or ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities’. The Constitution of India, 1950 does not define ‘minorities’ or mention whom it considers minorities but provides in Part III that the cultural and religious rights of ‘minorities’ must be protected. The National

  • Witness to history

    Witness to history0

    A visit to Dhaka can be an overwhelming experience — not just because of the traffic, pollution, congestion or humidity, but also due to its history. As a Pakistani, I felt remorse, guilt and shame every time I walked into the corridors of Dhaka University. The names of the students, intellectuals and teachers, who died

  • Saudi-India-Pakistan Triangle

    Saudi-India-Pakistan Triangle0

    After years of considering Saudi Arabia as a major ally and economic benefactor, Pakistan may be on the verge of losing its erstwhile patron to archrival India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Riyadh last week for an official visit full of diplomatic significance. King Salman bin Abdul Aziz conferred the Kingdom’s highest civilian award,


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