US-Israel-India Triangle and the Fate of Muslim World


India-Israel Relations Archives - Israel Institute for Strategic Studies

by Muhammad Ahmad Khan    24 April 2023

“One for all, all for one,” is the theme of the three musketeers evincing the level of loyalty, submission, and affection towards each other that D’Artagnan, Porthos, Aramis, and Athos shared. Loyalty in international politics is based on the convergence of interests. The actions of these states start looking similar and based on similar agendas. These musketeers of international politics support each other in difficult times and take stands at international forums. I am not talking about any human figure but rather a major stakeholder in regional peace in Asia and the Middle East. Theoretically, the alliance among states can be justified, but rather than making this read a notebook of typical IR reading, it is better to relate it to a novel based on historical figures. India, the USA, and Israel are the main characters of this article who in their actions and speech are similar and stay loyal to each other, no matter what they do. Whether it is the violation of human rights, illegal occupation, interventions, or breaching sovereignty of other states, these states stand for each other, protect each other and counter any retaliation jointly. And as I have argued that this cooperation in international politics is based on converging interests. So is the matter among them. The US, India, and Israel are all dependent on each other for political, economic, and strategic reasons.

Delving deeper into US interventions in various countries in different eras would prolong to scope of this reading. However, some case studies must be highlighted as in Iraq and Afghanistan. White papers issued by committees established by the UN and IAEA for inspection of WMD in Iraq had reported even earlier that there were no signs of nuclear weapons in Iraq. Rather Bush administration had constructed the whole reality and his administration was the only beneficiary of the blunder whose consequences are being faced of the Americans. In Afghanistan too, twenty years of wanton intervention has left the Afghans again in the hands of the Taliban. Analysts are anticipating that human welfare or social modification was never the objective of the US. The who drama was for the interests of the US and that is all.

Coming to Israel, it must be noted that the damage done by the Christians to Jews during the Crusades is far much greater than any Jews-Muslims tussle. During the whole itinerary of Christians, wherever they found a jew, it was pulverated. And what happened to them during Hitler’s time is not a hidden fact. However, European countries promised that they will be given a homeland in the Arab world. Settled extensively in the post-World War II era, they attracted hostilities from the Arab countries. Whatever happened, that was a blunder at the Arab countries’ end who for their own interests collided with Israeli forces that ultimately resulted in the loss of further territories. But this is not the subject matter here. Currently, Israel has been involved in one of the worst human rights violations in Palestinian territories. But there is no one who can hold it accountable because doing so will break the brother code committed by the US and other major powers. It leaves Palestinians on their own.

Lastly is to be discussed the most important character of India. Established in the name of secularism and being known as the world’s largest democracy, India is nowhere even near following democratic principles. The visions of Nehru and Gandhi are better placed in some old storeroom because this is the era of the BJP under Modi. Before, Indian atrocities were only found in Kashmir as the center was somehow conscious of establishing a moderate environment among religious minorities in major states. But in the post-2014 electoral victory, BJP has been effectively involved in human rights violations across the country. Visions of making India a Hindu Rashtra are regnant not just in the policy sphere but rather can be seen in the streets too when Hindu extremists are found killing Muslims and other religious groups. Recently, Madrassa Azizia with its huge library was burnt down by such extremists. I haven’t heard any recrimination coming from the West or major stakeholder of human rights that could bother to condemn such action carried with impunity.

That is why I had stated in the very beginning that One for all, all for one. This India-US-Israel brother code is deeply involved in shaking the Muslim world. The US had done it in history and is now on the backfoot now, Israel and India are still indulging in Palestine and Kashmir respectively. They will neither criticize each other nor allow anyone to do so. Because allowing so will be against Musketeers code. The Islamic world must understand the dual standards of these major power and at least have some courtesy to stay with integrity. Although their interests are somewhere also convergent with these Musketeers, a limit they should set that if breached could instigate their anger against these violators.