Tamil Nadu: Is AIADMK on its way out of power soon?


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-Dr. Abdul Ruff

Once, rather not very long ago, a powerful party AIADMK is now split and weakened because of one-person – Sasikala, Who sought to take over both the party and government, taking full advantage of the unexpected death of CM Jayalalithaa.

Today, thanks to shock therapy treatment to the party and government, a factional feud in AIADMK  do not look like they trying to find a way out to work together to save the MGR-Jayalalithaa rule and party, though both of them do talk about those lines merely as a formality to fool the party workers.

From the views expressed on TV debates by prominent members of ruling Amma AIADMK, one primary opinion within the ruling dispensation under Sasikala/Dinakaran
Is clear that they don’t want to get rid of Sasikala and her relatives in the government and party obstructionist elements fear that once O.Panneerselvam becomes CM  and General Secretary, as most party people and general masses expect, these elements would lose their place in the party and government. Now apparently they can control the Palanisamy government.
These MLAs and ministers have not at all approved of Jayalalithaa appointing OPS as acting CM, ignoring or overlooking many senior ministers in the cabinet. In fact, these elements are instrumental in installing Sasikala and Dinakaran as party bosses and approved every action she undertook.

More than OPS faction,  EPS is worried about retaining power in the state, but they do not want OPS to assume power and is ready to let DMK come power by replacing the IADMK  government. And if that happens, apparently the time of AIDMK should be over once for all. Sooner than later most members of Amma and OPS Puratchithalaivi Amma factions would switch to DMK while BJP, writing in the wings, would be readily wooing many of the disillusioned to serve the cause of Hindutva.

That would be like paling joint cricket exercises in IPL.
Sasikala faction is keen to deny any chance for OPS to become CM of the state or General Secretary of AIADMK because t Sasikala and Dinakaran continue to control the MLAs and government even by being outside the organizational and government apparatus. Sasikala and coterie had worked secretly to sack OPS from the  CM post and Treasurer job.
In fact, Palanisamy is damn sure he is just a temporary CM and would have to vacate it when Dinakaran and Sasikala order him to do.  Many MLAs and ministers in the AAIDMK are in touch with Sasikala and Dinakaran.

Since Amma faction tries to play mischief with OPS faction by refusing to concede OPS demands to make the party free from Sasikala family in all sense, there is no likelihood that OPS would agree to be fooled once again now by those closed to the Mannargudi family.

Thus all efforts by the Sasikala faction to use OPS faction only just to get the two-leaf symbol to win polls, starting with RK Nagar constituency have come to nothing. In RK Nagar electioneering, OPS became a star and people seem to have begun taking him as their leader. That is the reason why the Sasikala and Dinakaran decided to stay quiet and let the government talk to OPS faction for unity mainly to get back the party symbol and then play reckless politics within to sideline OPS and his supporters.
Now that Sasikala faction has lost the battle to OPS, it must let OPS assume CM post and General Secretary so that AIADMk is back functioned as a cohesive party and government. They could review the situation after a year and take corrective measures.

Otherwise, AIADMK is quickly losing power in the state as its image is gravely shattered.
Hard headed Sasikala supporters may not like OPS to rule the state as their chinnamma leader is in jail in disproportionate assets case, for looting the money of ordinary people of the state.
Because of the arrogance of a foolish Mannargudi clan, not only the ruling AIADMK but also the Tamil Nadu is suffering. Tamils may not excuse the party and government if they continue to play the drama.

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