Roger Waters, leading man of Pink Floyd, calls for release of Imran Khan


Roger Waters, the leading man of the Pink Floyd, calls for the release of the incarcerated PTI leader Imran Khan. He posted his message on his Instagram and Twitter account with a montage of Imran Khan.

The post was captioned, “A note to the Military Rulers of Pakistan and their Masters in Washington: My name is Roger Waters. I am an English musician and a passionate supporter of fair play. What you are doing in Pakistan is not Cricket.”

The musician furthered, “Imran Khan must be immediately released from his false imprisonment so that he can lead his party the PTI in a new fair and transparent election so that Pakistan can have a properly elected democratic government that represents the will of the people of Pakistan. Not the interests of foreign and domestic oligarchs.

Besides Roger Water, the international media has declared Imran Khan victorious in the recently concluded General Elections 2024.  Leading international media outlets including CNN, New York Times, Financial Times, BBC, Bloomberg, and others have acknowledged his victory in the elections.

Meanwhile, local media is too questioning the election results. The General Elections 2024 are mired by allegations of massive rigging.

On Monday, the United States urged Pakistan to conduct an independent investigation into allegations of election irregularities through its legal system. In response to questions about this demand, the US State Department’s spokesperson, Matthew Miller, emphasized the importance of letting the Pakistani legal system take its course as the initial step.

Miller stated that the United States would consider other options and some US lawmakers were advising against recognizing the results of the Feb 8 elections until the proposed investigation is completed.

The US emphasized to Pakistan the importance of respecting the election’s outcome, emphasizing the need for upholding the rule of law, constitution, free press, and a vibrant civil society. Miller recognized the negative impact of internet and cellphone restrictions during the election, condemning such limitations and election-related violence.