India’s Missile Strike on Pakistan

India to produce BrahMos-NG cruise missile
by Mian F. Hameed      23 March 2022

India has admitted to accidentally firing a missile on Wednesday, March 09, 2022. Pakistan army’s DG ISPR in a press conference confirmed; after the missile launch, Pakistan began tracking a supersonic projectile for 104KM within the Indian territory. The DG revealed that the missile changed trajectory, and crashed inside Pakistan’s territory after it had traveled for 3 minutes and 24 seconds (124km.) The DG told the press, the missile was unarmed, and said, “we exactly knew the point of impact.”

This article provides evidence supporting the skepticism seen in Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affair press release No. 115/2022. The press release questions the Indian claim that it was launched inadvertently from a “routine maintenance.”

It is more likely, the gravity within India is the reason for firing this missile. The face of this gravity is a country shaped from an expanded frontier of a delinquent national culture from Modi-ism, which in plain sight cannot live in a peaceful co-existence with Pakistan.

India has become a drastic country by taking drastic actions. The missile launch in a series of actions is one. Other radical actions to place ‘Hinduness’ into the national fabric of India are passing the Citizen Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC). Additionally, abrogating Article 371 on August 5, 2019, against the U.N. Security Council Resolutions (39 & 47), was followed by quarantining and executing Kashmiris. It started a genocide process per Genocide Watch. India is now changing the demography of Kashmir, is a war crime, said PM Khan at the 48th Session (March 2022) of OIC.

Modi-ism is fascism and BJP’s association with terrorism—RSS has up the ante. The fallout from extremism is the latest missile launch, topping it off with a sketchy explanation — “Routine maintenance,” and that too after two days demonstrates paralysis in the behavioral decision-making inertia from Hindutva-ism (extremism.)

Evidence suggests, the missile launch was premeditative. Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the press release has asked, “India needs to explain the flight path/ trajectory […] and how it ultimately turned and entered into Pakistan?” The press release asks the international community to take “serious notice of this incidence.”

The press release has asked various other questions: Was the missile preloaded with flight coordinates – Why did the missile not self-destruct if it went off course – Why did India not notify Pakistan of the missile launch?

This is quite an unusual “routine maintenance” for Pakistan and for the world experts to swallow. The Pakistani press release notes, the Indian explanation is full of “loopholes.”

For the remainder audience, I explain the “loopholes,” with two theories regarding the missile launch type. The first theory suggests it was a ground launched missile. In that case, when the intent is to strike a target, only then the missile’s flight-path coordinates are downloaded into a missile at the launch system. The Indian explanation of missile flight-coordinates aboard a missile in a “routine maintenance” will be amusing to the international community.

The second theory suggests an air-launched BrahMos-NG, a smaller new generation (NG) of BrahMos, known to have navigation problems was test fired from Sukhai SU-30MKI. The pictures of the parts retrieved from the missile crash site resembles the parts on BrahMos-NG. The missile loaded onto Sukhai would explain the pre-loaded flight trajectory, especially if India cannot explain how the missile took a sharp turn into Pakistani territory.

It is speculated that the test fire had gone bad, making the missile crash short into the path of Pakistan’s sensitive installation. Sources would not reveal the name of the sensitive installation.

Furthermore, the Indian explanation starts to lose steam amidst the other Hindutva ensued recces. Recently, two Indian submarines on different occasions intruded into Pakistan waters, likely to gauge Pakistan’s defenses and will to fight.

Pakistan Navy’s mute response to the submarines intrusion into Pakistani waters and failing to place the incident on the world center-stage is not a path to ensuring peace in the region, and nor will it alter Indian behavior. Pakistan’s navy has headed off Indian intrusions. In one instance the Indian submarine was forced to surface.

Pakistan is facing the wrath of India’s trusted panacea—the Hindutva and the Hindu kern is to rule ideology, and the international community’s silence in full swing may not yet bring into question the possibility of scorching the earth and wiping off humanity. Both are nuclear armed countries.

To cover for India’s plots from their trusted panacea, India’s incompetency, and not being able to safeguard nuclear weapons or materials, the parasitic hypocrites are using words like “mature” to describe the Indian debacle and Pakistan’s response.

Among them is the international studies professor, Happymon Jacob, at Nehru University in New Delhi, who said on Twitter, “2 nuclear weapon states dealt with the missile incident in a mature manner.” –CNN. Such explanation matches the foul logical senses of Nehru, as noted by President Eisenhower.

It is ludicrous to see a trace of maturity in India lobbing a missile, and then India failing to inform Pakistan of a missile in flight per the Pakistani Foreign Affairs’ press release?

Wrapping Pakistan into the guise of maturity may suggest Pakistan is a responsible actor in the modern world, but it hides away the obvious—the mental health of India— “self-actualization.”

Pakistan’s response was rehearsed from her nuclear doctrine’s threshold, and her de-escalation strategy. Nonetheless, the Indian mental “ability to parse problems, accept facts, and refute prejudices” has put Pakistan’s nuclear doctrine into question.

The Indian missile launch suggests, Pakistan’s nuclear deterrent doctrine does not have the necessary essential contributions to deter the Indian miscalculations.