Imagining World Peace


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by Mian Hameed    16 March 2022

In this article, I speak of a group that consistently undermines world peace.  The group with its formal origins in February 1891, is called The Milner Group, and it is detrimental to the American way of life and world peace. I expose this group by sharing relevant aspects from my eleven years of research, which I have compiled here from my upcoming book.

Additionally, in the age of hypocrisy and diminished justice, there is a need for asking essential questions to help build upon my thesis to position facts that are not so obvious.

The Milner Group desires to run the world in a “feudalistic fashion” with outcomes from a “far reaching plan.” –T&H by Dr. Carol Quigley. Obviously, this plan erodes the justice needed in the world to hold peace.

(Bill Clinton was Quigley’s student. Quigley has coined the phrase, The “Milner Group” in his posthumous book The Anglo-American… His other book, T&H with over 1300 pages, was subject to a sabotage, and has an interesting printing history.)

Knowing who the members of The Milner Group are, explains the world events. To Quigley, many of the past and present organizations created after the World Wars, like the Federal Reserve Bank, are The Milner Group’s organizations. The Milner Group can cause wars. Per Quigley, the Boer War and the World Wars are caused by The Milner Group. To Quigley, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has roots of The Milner Group.

The Milner Group has been referenced with other names without intimate insight into their members, as does Quigley. Eisenhower named it the Military-Industrial Complex, JFK mentioned of the secrecy of this group repugnant to the American society, and Mike Lofgren named it the Deep State operating as the un-constituted government within the government.

Furthermore, the ability to ask essential questions is an intellectual craft. It can be developed from the trivium and quadrivium curriculum that teaches separating fact from fiction. The essential questions have become paramount in busting the era of “fake news.”

Therefore, my first essential question: If people do not like wars, how do we end up in wars? The answer to the question is that we are brought into a collective by a collective and then led into a war. One of the collectives in this case is The Milner Group.

My second essential question: What is that one aspect that caused the breakup of the Soviet Union? Alternatively, if this question was pre-dated 1990: What is one thing we could do to cause the breakup of the Soviet Union? The answer is to create conditions to make the Kremlin financially poor.

The aforesaid answer is quite telling of one’s depth in strategic thinking from their understanding of the relationship of the Union Republics with Moscow. The relationship was and is, the Republics’ dependence on Moscow and the fact that they also rely on “achieving maximum economic advantage from Russia, while having minimum of political obligations.” Sever the “economic advantage” bridge, and you have the dissolution of the USSR/Russia, while the Republics’ dependencies are still remaining to be fulfilled.

One would think bringing insolvency to countries with various ethnic demographics would cause an instant breakup. Possible. But this essential answer is not true for Pakistan. The reason – Pakistan has a complex and dynamic culture, and it is a hard country. While Pakistan is getting gunned down by The Milner Group from all directions—her resiliency is getting chipped slowly by insolvency, terrorism grown from the domestic fault lines greased by foreign in nature, and the past and the future regime changes.

(Nailing PM Khan with a vote of no confidence by the parliament by the end of this March, is an example of a regime change.)

Regarding the Union Republics’ dependency, after the unconstitutional dissolution of the former Union Republics, many of the fifteen new born States with an estranged relationship to Moscow went into a strategic dependency void. It was filled by NATO, which at times hinders peace.

Here is another essential question for your ethos to consume. Is Islam a religion of peace? The answer is “Yes.” However, if I had answered ‘no,’ I would not be requiring the need to explain my answer further to the many Western readers, because it would have conformed to the going ‘religion’ preached by the mainstream media (MSM).

Any answers contrary to the preached ‘religion’ faces the filter of the doctrine of concision adopted by the MSM. Since Noam Chomsky’s dissident views require explanation, which cannot fit between two commercials, Chomsky was told, he does not follow concision, and he is punished by eliminating him from the MSM.

Amidst ISIS beheadings and the media posting ISIS images in decked-out military uniform, Islamophobia was compounded by the fact that Muslim leaders did a poor job in messaging the fundamentals – Islam means ‘peace and submission’ and Muslims greeting each other by saying Salaam alaykum, means ‘peace be upon you.’

MSM’s propagating orthodoxy about Islam can be busted conveniently by asking many of the essential questions. One is, how did ISIS pull off selling ‘$3 million dollars a day oil’ during the Iraq War? –abc NEWS 2014. Did the Western coalition’s surveillance technology fail in Iraq while the ISIS oil tankers were making runs into Syria and Turkey?

How come ISIS spared Israel? Not by taking their oil tankers that is!

The divide between Russia and the West is from the religious wrath of the West for the Russia’s orthodox Christian clergy and The Milner Group plans that made Russia a taboo, has a history.  The Crimean War of 1853 for selfishly benefiting self is an “international butchery” between Russia and the alliance (British, French and the Ottomans.)

Later, communism was imported into Russia through the Bolsheviks because of the radical prejudices of the West. The hoax of communism neither brought peace as promised by the Bolsheviks to the peasants of Russia, nor did it give the peasants promised lands in the long run, or any future ownership in the new factories.

Russia was seized in 1917 by very bad people—the Bolsheviks. Jews appeared to be the true architects of the revolution. “In April 1917, almost half of the members of the Petrograd Soviet bureau were Jews; on 23 October, five out of the twelve members of the Bolshevik Central Committee that decided to take power were Jews.” – koninklijke brill nv, leiden, 2019, quoting Slezkine 2004 p. 175.

This brings to you my last essential question.

What developed the Bolsheviks Jewish affinity in a Czarist culture to introduce communism that is “based on dialecticism which has no finality and that it envisaged a stateless and a classless society. While the former suited Jews, the latter went against their grain.”? Looking Back by Brig. M. Hamid-Ud Din, p. 301. The answer is that The Milner Group cannot be separated from the Bolshevik movement.

World peace usually gets disturbed in two ways. First, when the “far reaching plan” milestones need completion. Second, there is an ethnic divide and/or a territorial dispute without justice. For the latter, we can name a few examples here.

One, the Pakistan-India disputed Kashmir region. This dispute can be settled by implementing the U.N. resolutions to hold plebiscite. However, justice is hindered. The Milner Group is not interested. Genocide in Kashmir continues under India’s guard.

Two, the Ukraine crises is another example of an ethnic and territorial dispute. Crises could have been averted, but the same hopeless justice system as in the case of Pakistan and India, stops peace to prevail in Ukraine.

There is a difference between the two strategic countries, Ukraine and Pakistan. A neutral Ukraine is viable to The Milner Group. However, neutrality was not followed.

The sound advice has called for Ukraine to remain neutral and the beforehand warnings about the danger to world peace from NATO expansion in the open, the EU and the U.S. ‘misjudgingly’ told the comedian Zelensky, Russia would not invade.

Today, they are eager to supply fuel to fire, sending weapons to Ukraine for a reason. The far-reaching plan may have surprises for the other world-class thinker—the Chinese, now backing the Russians.

As far as Pakistan’s neutrality, it is problematic for The Milner Group for two reasons. One, should Pakistan become an enormous Muslim country, unlike the Arabs, it will enforce the wellbeing of humanity. Two, because of the designs of The Milner Group, Pakistan remains a strategic country for China. The goal of the “far reaching plan” plots for the balkanization of Pakistan per the NATO’s war maps.

While the diminished justice system has prevailed for a long time, climactic hypocrisy has targeted Pakistan again. The West (22 leaders of countries and the EU commission) has asked the Prime Minster of Pakistan to condemn Russia’s “unprovoked attack.” PM Khan unleashed a response, “Did you write letter to India” for starting a pogrom in Kashmir?

PM Khan forgot to mention the Western frontier of silence and hypocrisy created for Israel’s government policy to commit “crimes of apartheid and persecution” to maintain domination over the disenfranchised people of Palestine.

The Ukraine crises have brought hypocritical remarks among the reporters. Sentiments attached to the destruction in Ukraine lack the same strength of language, for instance, in the Iraqi human carnage on highway 80 – Known as the “highway of death.”

About the nature of Ukrainian refugees, in a conversation between Aljazeera’s reporter Mehdi and Ayman of MSNBC, various clips are played from various media outlets. In those clips the reporters have made scathing hypocritical remarks. The reporters suggest that because the Ukrainians are civilized white refugees from Europe, we should open accommodating arms.

Listen to this, taken from some of the clips; Ukraine is not like conflict raging Iraq; these are “European people with blue eyes, blond hair; children, killed every day.” And another said, “Now the unthinkable has happened. This is not a developing third world nation. This is Europe.”

The West working for The Milner Group knowingly or unknowingly have short memories; the Europeans are the down rotten killers and looters of the 19th and the 20th century. Holocaust is European.

In Quigley’s scholarship, media powerhouses were an arm of The Milner Group. In our times, calling them “public enemy number one” is not misplaced. In the age of internet, if we can’t comprehend to ban the MSM, we need to find alternate methods to impact our thinking.

If our hectic lives would permit, the people should make their round table committees made up of people from the community to research the source documentation against the key issues in our democracy. This is necessary for our future life to bring ‘reverberations in the minds.’

We are asked to build our intellectual self-defense against ‘those that plan in the dark and pounce on people after preparation.’ –Quigley.

The Milner Group has witnessed the beginnings of the defeat of their “far reaching plan” at their own hands—sanctioning Russia. An emerging new world order has begun on February 24, 2022, at the sight of the first shot fired. Eliminating Russia from SWIFT is similar to the first shot fired that began the American Civil War.

Evidence suggests that the Ukraine invasion was planned by China and Russia. The golden era of gold, the “comfort food,” is launched. The Chinese Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS) will become integral to the Chinese far reaching plan.