Great Changes in Tibet: China’s Great Wall of Lies


The book Great changes in Tibet was a propaganda tool to fool the world about how Chinese Communist Party brought about freedom and prosperity to the people of Tibet. The book was published in 1972 by an author who had a Tibetan name called Pasang. I am sure the author is Chinese being given a Tibetan name to make the book more emphatic.

The first chapter is titled;
“Former slaves becomes master of country”

I am sure this is themed on China’s narrative of how Tibetans were liberated from serfdom. They probably did liberate Tibetans from medieval feudalistic society of the time, but the problem was the foreigners stayed back and colonized Tibet instead and to this day rules with an iron fist. CCP came, CCP saw and CCP colonized. Like fools, Tibetans
welcomed, Tibetans yielded and Tibetan fell prey to the dragon.

The third chapter is titled
“How workers, peasants and soldiers go to college”
But the fact remains, that Tibetan nomadic and peasantry lives are uprooted and they are being relocated and forced to work like prisoners at sweatshops in far off places in Chinese mainland. Young Tibetans are brainwashed and recruited to chinese military and later used as robots without feelings to unleash suffering upon their own people.
Far from going to college, Tibetans are deprived the right to their own native language. Some Tibetans who make it to Chinese colleges are marginalized and vilified as backward and barbarians by other Chinese students. They are bullied, sullied and criminalized.

Chapter 6 is titled
“Rising industrial base”
The fact is after the Chinese occupation of Tibet and the building of railways, the pillage of Tibetan resources began. The loot and pillage of Tibet’s resources skyrocketed following China’s astronomical rise starting from the early 90’s. On an industrial scale, the mining companies bombed Tibetans mountains and sucked and dried Tibetan sacred lakes to extract rare earth mineral, precious metals and oil too. Tibetan forest were shaved and rolling grassland razed destabilizing Tibet’s fragile ecology. After the Chinese occupation of Tibet, Tibet lies barren and barraged with holes all over its land and mountains. Industrialization of Tibet has compromised Tibet’s fragile climate and environment and has led to rapid meltdown of Tibetan glaciers and thawed its permafrost.

I seriously think that if Tibetans do not continuously share their history, without sounding pessimistic, I warn you that in less than twenty years Tibet will cease to exist. China spends half a billion dollars a year on disinformation campaign. They are bent on distorting Tibetan history, its culture and civilization. Sinicisation is happening at a breakneck speed. Tibetans inside of Tibet are forcefully assimilated into Chinese culture under the barrel of the gun. Interracial marriages between Han and Tibetans have further thrown our civilization at the cusp of total annihilation. Even the ecosystem of survival of the Tibetans to even earn a living and basic wage and aspire for higher jobs are now contingent upon their Chinese schools credentials. Before food, hunger, and pursuit of success, the survival of Tibetan culture and civilization has taken a backstage.

The phrase “Seek Truth from Facts” was introduced to the People’s Republic of China as a hallmark slogan of Mao Zedong and the Chinese Communist Party.

But in reality, “Distorting truths for lies” has become the hallmark slogan of the Chinese Communist Party. And this book is a testament of the lies they have been selling to the world.

Ugyen Gyalpo
Woodside, New York
Blogger at the Roar of the snow lion