Gen. Qamar Bajwa: In Duty to Country?


by Mian Hameed            14 April 2022

An outstanding maneuver by the Biden Administration. America celebrates their proud team, which master minded a regime change in Pakistan in as little as a month. Bajwa’s characterization in the White House, I do not think is that of the celebrated words, “But he is our son of a bitch.”

The White House denies any involvement. PM Khan in his speeches calls out the U.S. diplomates bribing his cabinet members and making rounds, meeting high value personnel to bring a regime change.

The planners of the treachery miscalculated that the people had chosen the faulty Khan, some twenty-five years ago as their skipper. The masses are crying. This man of little-means when not crying is chanting in English, “I love you Imran Khan – I love you Imran Khan.”

This emboldened man of purpose in the picture below may only know these words. His chant in English leaves me with a deeper thought—claiming a higher significance within a movement.

 Inline image

The Pakistani people are disappointed in Bajwa, and his top brass supporting a regime change decision. The people’s emotions are emitting disciplined beats of sadness—not sure for how long before the sorrows will erupt.

Bajwa is trending as a disloyal general. People are contemplating, if the top brass would correct course. In this uncertainty, the human mind has throttled to run scenarios.

On one hand a disciplined chief of the army’s actions they cannot explain, but relenting to, the army is their pride and fame. An apparent voice recording of the ex-Chief Gen. Baig, is embracing to support his organization.

Others, but cannot help to think, the Justices blatant violation of the Constitution in a regime change conspiracy, is for to pave the path for the planned break. A misfortune is to happen.

How can it be. In this institution, there are other Chiefs indeed.

The unfolding events in Pakistan, finds their Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa, has participated in the reentry of the convicts into the government via a regime change.

For the people, Pakistan’s disciplined army top brass actions are questionable. Possibly, Bajwa and his team may have succumbed to the U.S. threats. This is evident from Bajwa’s speech at the Security Council. He mentioned of impacts to exports with the U.S. and critiquing Putin on Ukraine.

Unlike Musharraf, an army chief with no roots in foreign lands can help the people eliminate the possible constraints on a chief’s vital decisions.

The people desire living with dignity from an independent foreign policy. The people are willing to swallow the foreign ‘pill of consequences’ to have an independent foreign policy.

Under sanctions, will Pakistan be able to pay for its standing army? The people were not asked this question. Instead, convicts are given pardons overnight, one more time.

The State’s decision is in trouble. The people’s memory of history is not the memory of the State, which gets ruled from, in their own words, the “beggars,” are now the U.S. brown slaves—as Pakistan’s chosen rulers placed by a foreign power. The people are aware of the cost to Pakistan from like events that are lodged in the country’s history.

Since the U.S. has decided upon India as her strategic partner, the people know Pakistan will not try achieving an interest with the “imported rules—Shabaz Sharif.” For the people, this actuality means liquidation of Pakistan in the long run.

Liquidation of Pakistan comes from an articulated world order conceptualized in the late 1800s.  Pakistan is dealt with from that conceptualization since 1947. President Johnson, by that time had chosen India over Pakistan.

Pakistan textbooks have chapters on Ambassador Qudrat Ullah Shahab’s assessment of global foreign policy. Prior to being as ambassador, Mr. Shahab was President Ayub Khan’s advisor. Mr. Shahab warned Ayub of a plot against him, which Ayub did not believe in. Later, Ayub admitted that the U.S. used Z. A. Bhutto to convince Ayub to start military operation against India.

Adding to the aforesaid, containing China, and building India, liquidation has to come to Pakistan from sacrificing long term vision for the marginal short-term benefit bursts. This is the peoples’ thought.

The people of Pakistan know this, but Bajwa does not? The people have decided to bite the pain pill of separating from the U.S., but Bajwa does not? The people have no choice but to label him a traitor.

The damage is going to be colossal by the ‘efficient administrator,’ PM Shabaz, even before you think of damage control. Issuing diplomatic passport to his convicted brother Nawaz Sharif, planting men in NAB, FIA, turning eye from drone attacks, appointing new ambassador to the U.S. – All in a day.

Pakistan army are seasoned politicians. They have out manured the U.S. in their AF-PAK policy, after submitting to eat the cost. Musharraf did it when he succumbed from the alleged “sending Pakistan into the stone ages” threat. This episode seems is the repeat.

The man (Bajwa), is now not worthy of a Baluch regiment call—KAI KAI. This is his misfortune. He was not careful to know, at a man’s highest moment, this is when Satan makes a visit.