CRICKETISM: Indo-Lanka joint cricket exercises!-2


-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Part 1 – Cricket for promoting batboys for awards and cash.

Sri Lankan bowlers enjoy too much by offering big scores to Indians for return favors in Test.

Test cricket for five long days was invented by the cunning colonial masters of Great Britain to keep the colony youth busy with a useless thing like watching cricket matches and enjoy 6s and 4s. Drugs and liquors were flowing to make the youth week.

Indians knew how to clap for the fake things.

The old practice is still in vogue, and many batboys have been created by the bowlers and mafia, and most of them got national awards.
Cricketers believe that those who buy tickets and come to watch cricket dramas are the worst kind of fools as they cannot see through the hidden dramas involved in the match which only a few select “informed” guys see but don’t talk about it.

Poor cricket fans who do not even know that cricketer-frauds take them for bloody fools.
Bcci and Indians do not agree to play in small countries like Lanka and Bangladesh unless they are promised big scores. Now India is in Sri Lanka, and Lankans know the needs of each batboy and would have to serve India.

India always wants to bat first, and that happens even when it loses the toss as the opposing team would choose to bowl, allowing poor Indians to bat first. This time, Indian won the toss and elected to bat first, knowing that SL will have to make India shine. It seems the deal was for 600 and more for India and host Lankans has kept their word. Now it is India’s turn to repay at least one 100 and a couple of the 50s. India will have to d that because there more tests and SL could be reckless too.

What both have agreed upon is a top secret and not even the PMs these countries can know. Only after the match, we can know. The commentators are paid to keep the spectators permanently f insane by supporting the batboys and their 50s and 100s.

Last night they discuss and make amendments for the next day. They are playing not for the spectators but only for select batboys though it is a team game. Their hidden agenda is just like of “terrorism,” and any state apparatus.

Cricketism never allows any truth or facts come to light through media. In fact, the regime, controlled by corporate lords, also supports and defends all secret deals and gambling.
Sri Lankan bafoony bowlers are powering India towards 4oo for just three wickets. Since Kolhi could not get any runs, SL offered two big 100s to Indian bat boys add to their bogus records for national awards. SL also wants at least one 100 from India bowlers, and hence they toil in the sun to retain Indian boys at the crease. With a first pitch which is meant to offer anybody 100 runs. Any stupid fellow who can hold the bat properly can hit an easy 100 or at least 50 even when bowlers are reckless, and fielders are over watchful.

The bowlers jump up and down like monkeys when by chance a wicket falls. That is a big show to fool the public.

Both Indian and Lankan bosses and mafia must be busy dissing the quick exit of their “favorite Kolhi. Lankans swear they did not do any harm Kohli and he only spoiled his chances for 100 easy runs. In fact, Lankans were ready to offer 200 runs to Dhawan as well. To prove to India that they indeed did not mean any harm to Indian batboys, they might offer 300 to Pujara, another 10o to the other batboy Rahane at the crease.

It is cricketism norm that if the top batboys do not get enough runs, the next batboy or batgirl will get enough runs to munch. Since Indian batboys are fed nicely with runs, Indian bowlers won’t get any big runs, including Ashwin and Jadeja who, if bat boys fail, would be given enough runs for lunch or dinner as the case maybe.

Yes, Lankans are making the match interesting to Indians and the spectators by offering bat boys runs and without in fact trying for wickets, because their bat boys also need the 50s and 100s from India. If Lankans annoy Indian batboys, then, big brother India cannot simply tolerate it.

It appears Indians are enjoying too much. Even if they are not told already, Indians believe the Lankans have decided to offer India 600-700 runs so that India could easily win by innings and big runs. If the hosts are feeding them with sumptuous foods and liquor, why not Indian enjoy? It is almost certain that Lankan batboys would collapse one after another before the Indian bowlers like a huge heap of spoiled vegetables and rotten onions. Will Indian bowlers be reckless?
That is the beauty of the match fixing.

Even as the match for 100s and 50s and more, is on, mafia guys are busy with gambling operations that benefit the crickets and boards. Cricketers like film actors are pampered by the media of corporate lords who finance cricketism, film production political parties and elections.
Cricket matches promote liquor and drugs. False bowling and fielding and more 4s and 6s for bogus bat boys!

That is cricketism, mafia operations, and bogus regime awards.
That is the state sponsored racket!!!

Part 2 – Joint test cricket exercises by India and Sri Lanka for 100s!

The policy of “give and take” 100s work fluently in test cricket.

Test with two innings for each team is the most convenient format for the batboys who can amass 100s and 50s and more in both innings to update their bogus records. If by chance a top batboy cannot get 100 or at least 50, then, he would be the preferred person for the bowlers to offer 50 or 100 or even 200, or more. After all, cricket is played for bat boys and of their big runs in 4s and 6s.

In the first innings of the first test in Lanka, Kolhi failed, or he could not be given 50 or 100 and the highly disappointed Kolhi hero wants amendment in the second innings and Lane bowlers are doing their best not to trouble poor Kolhi and by offering runs as he wants so that he hit 4s without difficulty. As the match ended for the third day, Kolhi has conveniently crossed 50 and is nearing 100 as he has been offered 76 runs just 24 runs short of his “fabulous” 100 for awards. And BCCI and mafia know the regime has to offer awards to cricketer frauds as their prime duty. If Kolhi gets his 100, then, Lankan PM Sirisena would think that Indian bowlers would also return the favors by offering 50s and even a good 100 to one of Lankan batboys. Pleasant deceptive dream. If by chance he once again failed to get 100, Indian bowlers would certainly take revenge.

No Lankan bat boy then would get 50 runs, for sure.

Cricketers raise their bat and hands and do some mockery when they get the 50s and 100s – they say they have easily fooled everybody including the government.

India is going to win the first test as Lankan bowlers have done the damage already. So now Lankan bowlers would offer a full 100 to greedy Kolhi and expect return favors.

India would have won it let the SL bat again. Why is India delaying the match by denying Lankan bat boys the chance to bat again as per rules? SL has got minimal runs and should have been asked to bat again.

The reason is Kolhi. Having established a big lead in the first innings thanks to fake bowling by Colombo India could have easily won by asking the Lankan team to go for second innings consecutively.

India could have won it easily if Lankans were allowed to bat again. But India wants Kolhi who was offered just 03 runs by Lankans, to get his 100 urgently in the second innings s Modi is eagerly waiting for that. Modi feels now that he should have become a bat boy and could have easily got bharatartna. But now it is too late for that. So, he wants Indian batboys to get 100 and 200s and more for bharatratna. However, Rahul Gandhi who has not made real profits in politics would consider switching over to cricket to amass 100s, etc. for bhartratna which he had endorsed for cricket fraud Sachin. Had he respected the top civilian honor he could not have chosen a fictitious cricketer who, supported by mafias, get runs. Maybe he wanted to be bat boy and hit big and run.

Now India forces Lanka to offer Kolhi 100 runs as their duty in the second innings, and hence it refused to ask Lankan team go for second innings consecutively and Lankan bowlers take extra care not to let Kolhi get OUT. Perhaps India would punish Sirisena for that. . .

The two innings test is a total farce as Kolhi who did not get any runs in the first innings is pressing for a 100 in the second innings, and Sri Lankan bowling behave like tamed monkeys in tactfully offering Kolhi his “required” 100 (tonnnn). Apparently, Indian regime is pressing Sri Lanka to save Indian batboys who help India with money laundering and black money circulation, Kolhi needs some more 100 to claim bharatratna from Modi government. Indian corporate lords want Modi to play for kolhi, others.

Test cricket is important for bat boys for 50s, 200s, 100s. Joint cricket exercise by India and Sri Lanka is being played now just for Kohli’s 100. Even if India loses, Kolhi must get 100 runs. Once Kolhi gets 100 India would declare and win it. That is how bat boys make 100 even when their teams lose.

Sri Lanka is playing to the demands and requirements of India and Kolhi as earlier also every team had played for Sachin Tendulkar.
How can an elected government promote such nonsense even as an entertainment just because the gambling brings a lot of dirty money to the government and cricketers? Government indirectly cheats the public.

Now that Sri Lanka has offered kolhi his demand of 100, they expect return favors but will they oblige the pathetic Lankans? That is big question- after all, the series and this first match have been fixed in favor of India.

Frauds, criminals, dacoits, robbers, etc. have no shame and cricketers do not feel any shame. It is their profession to cheat the world with a smile.
The World needs an international system to punish frauds and mafias and to contain and end cricket forgery and fraudulence promoted by the régimes themselves.
That is cricketism. This does not happen in real sports unless countries like India interfere with.