Anti-Islamism: UP CM’s terror wing kills Muslim


-Dr. Abdul Ruff

What looks like return to the pre-Independence era when fanatic Hindu extremists who in fact opposed freedom for India used to attack Muslims in their localities, in order obviously to keep alive the Hindutva poisonous ideology, leading to communal violence that spread to other areas in the country.

Having got a poll mandate, Hindu terrorist gangs now target Muslims for their blood. Other Hindus, especially in the core media, also support that trend as contemporary Indian domestic policy.

With an extremist CM having been imposed by New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh is now facing an existential threat for the Muslim minority community.

BJP believes attacking Muslims have political advantages cum poll profit for them and RSS as they grow in strength by killing Muslims in UP and now they are the ruling party. The Hindutva elements in fact terrorize not only Muslims but also the Hindus and force them to support the RSS ideology to protect themselves from “enemies”- the expression used to refer to Muslims.

PM Modi has made Hindutva extremist leader Yogi a non-MLA to become the UP CM and he has begun to attack Muslims as per the RSS ideology. .

Police have detained four members of a hardline Hindu militia founded by the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh on suspicion of killing a Muslim man who had helped an interfaith couple elope, an investigating official said on Wednesday. A 60-year-old farmer was killed on Tuesday by a mob that included members of the Hindu Yuva Vahini, or Hindu Youth Force, set up by Yogi Adityanath, a priest recently named by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to lead India’s most populous state.

Adityanath, backed by his volunteer force, spearheaded the campaign of Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in this year’s Uttar Pradesh state polls, helping to secure a landslide victory in the northern state.

Since his appointment, units of the Hindu Yuva Vahini have ramped up their anti-Muslim rhetoric and launched a campaign against so-called “Love Jihad” – what they regard as an Islamist strategy to convert Hindu women through seduction and marriage. “The case of a Hindu girl eloping with a Muslim boy led to religious tension and members of the Hindu Yuva Vahini declared it was Love Jihad,” said Jagdish Sharma, a police officer leading investigations in Bulandshahr district, 70 km (40 miles) to the southeast of India’s capital New Delhi.”

Sharma said that the Muslim farmer was beaten to death in a mango orchard after he refused to share the whereabouts of the couple.

The spokesman of the Hindu Yuva Vahini, P.K. Mall, denied that any members of Adityanath’s youth force had been involved in the attack. “We don’t want Muslims to convert Hindu girls but we are not involved in any criminal activity,” he told Reuters. “There is a clear conspiracy to insult Yogi Adityanath and our religious group.”

Adityanath, who heads a Hindu sect based in eastern Uttar Pradesh, has a history of rabble-rousing street politics, and his sudden rise to political prominence has stoked tensions with Muslims who make up 20 percent of Uttar Pradesh’s 220 million people.

Since his appointment, members of the Hindu Yuva Vahini have called on police to enforce a ban imposed by Adityanath on illegal slaughterhouses and taken action to halt sales of meat from unlicensed butchers’ shops run by Muslims. Adityanath, according to Indian media reports last weekend, urged members of the group “behave with decency”.

In fact the Muslims decide the fate politicians and outcome of polls as their votes can make a big difference in polls.  Since independence Muslims voted enmasse to the Congress party and now they know the Congress party has betrayed them and used the RSS-BJP duo against Muslims and harmed their genuine interests. Today, BJP and Congress have joined dirty hands to defeat Muslim candidates of all parties.

As a result, in the recent state poll, most Muslim candidates have lost to Hindus. There are not many MLAs in the UP assembly to protect their interests or defend themselves against anti-Islamic forces viciously operating in the state and country.

The killing process has begun and only future would tell what kind of fate would wait for the hapless Muslims in UP and India where Muslims are being encircled and targeted by Hindutva elements.

Hindutva fanaticism has turned India to Hindutva criminalism.   And Congress and other so-called secular parties feel elated about the “revenge” course being initiated by the RSS-BJP in UP against Muslims. Seeking to get Hindu votes, they do not criticize or make public statements against Hindu terror attacks on Muslims.


Author believes that humanity has a right to know whole truth.