A Symbol of Compassion: BISEM’s Generosity Towards Afghan Students


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by Hammad Baloch   28 October 2023

The relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan has deep historical, cultural, and geographical ties. Over the years, this connection has been tested by various challenges, including the influx of Afghan immigrants seeking refuge from conflict and instability. Pakistan has consistently displayed its generosity by accommodating Afghan immigrants and working towards their welfare. In recent times, this goodwill has been exemplified by the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Mardan (BISEM), which announced a fee waiver for Afghan migrant students. This move, coupled with Pakistan’s long-standing commitment to fostering educational opportunities and personal development, paints a narrative of enduring support and solidarity.

The decision by BISEM to waive board fees, encompassing examination, admission, registration, and migration fees, is a generous and compassionate gesture. It signifies Pakistan’s commitment not only to provide educational prospects but also to extend a hand of friendship to Afghan youth. This act of kindness is a symbol of the enduring bonds between Pakistan and Afghanistan, reflecting the unwavering policy of Pakistan toward the capacity building of Afghan youth.

This act of generosity extends beyond mere economics. It is a testament to Pakistan’s commitment to the personal development of Afghan students. Education is a powerful tool for empowerment and transformation, and Pakistan’s initiative highlights its dedication to offering this opportunity to Afghan youth who may otherwise be deprived of it due to the circumstances they have faced. Access to quality education is a fundamental right, and by waiving these fees, Pakistan is ensuring that Afghan students can continue their educational journey.

The waiver of board fees not only aids in personal development but also fosters people-to-people connections that are essential for lasting peace and stability. The bonds formed between individuals from different backgrounds and nationalities can pave the way for mutual understanding and cooperation. By supporting Afghan students in their educational pursuits, Pakistan is contributing to the development of future leaders and fostering connections that can transcend borders.

This initiative reflects that Pakistan’s commitment to the well-being and prosperity of Afghan migrants remains unwavering. Despite the challenges posed by hosting a significant number of Afghan refugees, Pakistan continues to demonstrate compassion and solidarity. It is a reminder that the relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan is based on shared history, culture, and the desire to see each other succeed.

The fee waiver initiative by BISEM sends a powerful message: in times of adversity, Pakistan stands by its Afghan brothers and sisters, extending a hand of friendship and support. This act goes beyond economic considerations and highlights the intrinsic bond of brotherhood that connects the two nations. It is a reaffirmation of the principle that in times of need, nations should come together to help and support each other. In the wider context, this generous initiative underscores a stark contrast with the approach taken by some other nations, particularly neighboring India. While Pakistan continues to foster a brighter tomorrow for Afghan students, other nations need to reassess their strategies and show similar compassion and support for Afghan immigrants.

Deportation of illegal immigrants must not be politicized to undermine Pakistan’s decades of generosity and goodwill towards Afghan migrants. While addressing immigration issues is a valid concern, it should be done in a manner that respects the contributions and sacrifices made by Afghan immigrants who have sought refuge in Pakistan. Such developments, like the fee waiver by BISEM, can serve as a catalyst for improved Pakistan-Afghanistan relations. This can be built on mutual respect, cooperation, and a shared commitment to the well-being and prosperity of their people. As Pakistan continues to demonstrate its commitment to Afghan immigrants, it paves the way for stronger diplomatic ties and enhanced regional stability.

The fee waiver by the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Mardan (BISEM) for Afghan migrant students is not just a financial concession but a reflection of the enduring bonds between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It embodies the spirit of compassion, goodwill, and solidarity that Pakistan has consistently shown toward Afghan immigrants. This generosity not only fosters educational opportunities but also builds people-to-people connections, laying the foundation for lasting peace and stability in the region. As the world watches, Pakistan’s unwavering support serves as a reminder of the potential for nations to come together, prioritize compassion, and work towards a brighter future for all.