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The amazing Universe, image courtesy of NASA.

Do you have a dream for yourself? Don’t bother if you don’t remember having dreamt anything at all but always remember the saying “Every child is a Genius.”

As kids, we adored our parents and tried to imitate them. When we entered the world of fascination and flew high with our imaginations as teenagers, we tried to ignore them. Once we landed in the real adult world, few of us are contented, and the rest go along grudging about what could be done, what wasn’t and what could have been.

Every kid dreams but is never open about them, the reason being they are criticized, laughed upon or sometimes just ignored as the height of fantasy. All of us had a childhood and a dream. Then, we also thought we could do anything. But somewhere along the line, we were made to believe that we couldn’t do anything we want to. May be it is the laws or rules or people. Or we only got tainted by the perceptions of society or those created by ourselves. It could be anything. But there are heroes who just pursued their dreams. They chased and realized it.

You have to dream before your dreams can come true. ~Dr. Abdul Kalam. The best thought from the best mind! Nobody is wondering what more could have Dr. Kalam accomplished had he been born with a silver spoon to affluent parents. But for his efforts coupled with dreams and respect for parents, elders, teachers and learned people this man wouldn’t have scaled such heights. His qualities went further and beyond in the making of a scientist, a humanitarian, a President, a bearer of light and hope for our country. As it is this man is still fishing out dreams and solutions for future generations to rely on.

So, I make it a point to ask my little niece and nephews as to what their future dreams are only to relish in their awesome responses. One night, most of them said their dream was to go to space, land on the moon or any other planet. These little astronauts talked about the color of their rocket, its shape and name and who else would fit in with them. All of them surely wanted me in their rocket, and a squabble began then and there making me feel important. All of us need our share of ego highs, don’t we? I took it on me to motivate them. So I told them stories of spaceships and voyages spicing it up with relevant imaginations too. Within a few minutes, I became a hero in their eyes. No wonder if they believed I had had my share of voyages.

I preferred to hide the warning signal;’ Beware, space flights has its share of risks too’ for everything has a time. Dreaming should become a habit. Pursuing dreams and realizing them must turn into a passion. Hail Columbia! I thought and listened to them with an engaging grin. Accidents are not supposed to shatter our dreams. Before her fatal re-entry, Columbia had brought her crew safely back home 27 times.  I knew these kids at least a few of them would be part of a super achieving team in this world, provided they don’t get carried away by alternatives. May be, one day they will look on Earth and tell themselves ‘Dreams live there.’

My two little girls Lauren and Barbara have so many dreams, and one that sounded so incredible was that they would replace Shakira at the FIFA world cup. But the big question is when and not how. Big dreams are definitely beyond adorable, especially when you hear it from children who take positive actions every day in that direction so that they develop an early and daily habit of adding something positive to their world of dreams.

Herein lies our tremendous responsibility as parents to tell our children just a few simple words like, “You are powerful with infinite potential, you are great and do everything with love” to help them achieve what they truly desire because society as such isn’t ‘designed’ to value or empower children’s beliefs. If we are that someone who stalled on our dreams for reasons aplenty, let us take it for us to fuel our children’s dreams and not say those two words at the wrong time that can damage a spirit like a deflated balloon. They are “Be Realistic.”

Dreams ignite lives with a note of noble intention. It isn’t late, or nobody has run out of time. When the words of Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus hit us, we realize life without dreams is a mistake. This is why ABBA’s “I have a dream across the stream” continue to resound throughout the world.

Children aren’t here to fulfill parents’ unfulfilled dreams or want but parents are here to nurture, embrace and grow those gifts/talents endowed on children thereby help them realize their dreams is Harry Sheridon’s standpoint.

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