Osman Siddique: Ambassador Emeritus – Senior Advisor to South Asians for Biden

8 September 2020



Ambassador Osman Siddique is currently serving as a Senior Advisor to South Asians for Biden. He has been active in the public service for a long time.  Ambassador Osman Siddique has been active in the public service for a long time. Seeking the promise and opportunity of the United States, he left Bangladesh in the early seventies to complete his academic studies at Indiana University in the heartland of America. After a stint with a Fortune 500 company, he became a prolific entrepreneur and, most proudly, an American citizen.

In 1996 Ambassador Siddique served on several Presidential delegations, including the White House Conference on Travel and Tourism and the First Hemispheric Trade and Commerce Forum. He also served on the National Democratic Institute’s International Observer Delegation to the Bangladesh Parliamentary Elections. In 1999, Ambassador Siddique represented the United States as its Co-Leader to the First Meeting of the Conference of the Pacific Community held in Tahiti. Ambassador Siddique was eventually nominated for ambassadorship by President Clinton on May 27, 1999. He was sworn in as the U.S Ambassador to the Republic of Fiji, the Republic of Nauru, and to the Kingdom of Tonga and Tuvalu. Ambassador Siddique was the first American-South Asian-Muslim to be appointed to represent the United States abroad as an Ambassador and Chief of Mission.

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