Manning: US Working Class War Hero and The Global Implications

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This short article is an update on the recent developments in the mysterious saga surrounding Assange and; the near blanket suppression of publicly available information on the state of affairs with regard to Manning. It has implications in South Asia, (and, Globally) of the consequences of holding Authorities to Account and the enduring struggle for Workers’ Worldwide Eternal Quest for Truth.

To follow the thread, you would need to read the initial story on the South Asia Journal.

The Curious Case of Julian P Assange — Santineketan Park Association or Agent Provocateur?

On the 26th of April, 2019; (15 days after the explicit extraction of Assange from the Ecuadorean Embassy of the 11th of April by the Police Authorities of the Government of the United Kingdom); the Secretary General of the Swedish Bar Association, Anne Ramberg, states that Assange has a right to a free trial under Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights as well as under the relevant Articles of the Swedish Legal Code.

Ramberg goes on to criticise the delay of the Swedish State Prosecutor in implementing the Preliminary Investigation and the fact that Assange had not been told that the Pre-Investigation against him had initially been dismissed. (The accusations against Assange were made in 2010 but were dropped by Sweden in May 2017). 

The Secretary General then categorically says the following; “treatment of Assange has damaged the reputation of the Swedish judicial system” and follows up with this amazing statement; “I am of the personal opinion that the Supreme Court would not extradite Assange to the United States. If my assumption is correct, a Supreme Court review [of the extradition case] would result in that Assange could not be extradited, even if the government so wished“.

Ramberg is thus informing the recently elected Swedish Social Democratic Government of the legal implications and difficulties that Sweden would face with multiple appeals and perhaps; even the dangerous need to have to amend Swedish Law to accommodate a dubiously illegal precedent, in trying to convict Assange.  

You can read an English Translation of the statement of the Swedish Bar Association’s General Secretary here

Reputation of Swedish Judicial System Damaged

Head of Swedish Bar Association condemns the handling of the Assange cas… This article was written by Anne Ramberg, who happens to be the Secretary General of the Swedish Bar Association…

These events seem to indicate that Assange will be sent onto Sweden from Belmarsh Prison in London, (perhaps within the next 25 weeks) and that he will then, eventually; be cleared and free to go on with his life.  

Manning, however; after being released on the 5th of May, 2019; (having served 62 days in prison for refusing to testify to a previous Grand Jury); has been jailed again on the 16th of May, 2019; for refusing to provide information to a second Grand Jury; (this time with the stipulation that a fine of 500 USD per day be applied after 30 days, going up to 1000 USD after 60 days); if Manning continues to refuse to implicate Assange and the other secondaries. This is so that Manning will eventually be made bankrupt.

This current bout of incarceration after his prior release is for refusing to testify and give evidence to another set of questions that are a re-hash of the previous charges against him. 

The statement issued by Manning is remarkable. It says, “I would rather starve to death than to change my opinion in this regardAnd when I say thatI mean that quite literally“. 

It seems very obvious that the US Government’s Case against Assange is very weak and that it looks like Sweden, also, may not allow US extradition. Assange is now nearly home and dry.

None of this is mentioned in the media. Infact, Manning’s heroic stand is almost ignored. 

Manning, is an incredible example of the American Working Class leading the way forward, (showing the way, if you will), for the rest of the World’s Workers, in their quest for Justice and Dignity. His Affidavit (on the 5th of May, 2019, below), as to the reasons why he will not betray the others involved to a Grand Jury is an amazing document on the Common Man’s will to resist the System and their demand that the System be Just and that Truth prevail. Yet Manning (and his story) receive less than zero coverage.

Manning: US Working Class War Hero

Manning: US Working Class War Hero Manning, is an incredible example of the American Working Class leading the way forward, (showing the way, if yo…

Manning has already been found guilty and has served the requisite time in prison, (in his case 7 years). Manning admits that what he did may not have been legal, as it is a type of theft of confidential data from your employer. But, you cannot keep charging the same person with the same crime, incessantly. Once the sentence has been announced and the prison time served, then the matter remains closed.

The terms of Manning’s current imprisonment are defined by the amount of time it would take for the second Grand Jury to investigate the case. If Manning decides to co-operate with the Jury then the US Government would have had no need to hold her and she would be released. However, as she refuses to testify, she will be sentenced to the term the second Grand Jury Enquiry would take to conclude their work. (Which could be as long as 18 months).

The statement that Manning submitted on the 5th of May, 2019, should be compulsory reading for anyone who wants to know what makes Manning a political prisoner in an outrageously unjust circumstance. 

The United Nations makes absolutely no mention of Manning’s plight and his heroic resistance and this sets a dangerous precedent for others who aim to shine the Light of Truth on the World for Her People.

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