As a tribute to the absent Nobel Laureate, Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel Medal and Diploma were placed on an empty chair during the Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony in Oslo, Norway, 10 December 2010.
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Photo: Ken Opprann

To the “relief” of the Chinese government and its leadership, Chinese Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo has passed away. With a characteristic ruthlessness that the present government of China is known for, Nobel laureate was given a sea burial, probably to ensure that there would be nothing for the world to remember about him. Even his wife Liu Xia could not participate in the funeral and see the coffin containing Liu’s body. She was said to be very unwell, but no one knows.

The Chinese government has been angry with Liu Xiaobo, since he was daring enough to show his courage of conviction and love for free China, by writing a petition known as “Charter 08” that called for sweeping political reforms in China and liberty and freedom to the people.  The petition was signed by 350 Chinese intellectuals, and Liu was accused of being the prime mover. One is not clear as to what is the fate of the other Chinese intellectuals who signed the petition.

Liu was jailed in 2009 when the Chinese government accused him of “inciting subversion of state’s power,” which was a charge that only dictatorial leadership would make. He remained in jail for 11 years until his death.  Obviously, Chinese government waited for his death, as it was not bold enough to cause his death in any other way, fearing adverse global opinion and due to its anxiety to protect its “forward looking image.” When the Nobel laureate was suffering from liver cancer and multiple organ failures, he was given a medical parole, but he was not freed in spite of his severe health conditions.  This indicates more than anything else the extent to which the Chinese leadership would go to suppress the dissidents and opposition.

Not only Liu had to suffer for holding on to his view on the need for liberty and freedom in China, but his wife was also under effective house arrest since 2010, though she was not charged with any crime.
It is sad that even as China has achieved spectacular growth in economic, industrial and scientific advancements, such developments have not been matched by the development of civilized attitude and progressive outlook. This makes one conclude that economic growth and prosperity need not go hand in hand with cultural and social progress.

The first glimpse of China’s aggressive and unethical attitude was seen when it ruthlessly occupied the helpless Tibet, drove out hundreds of Tibetans out of Tibet, suppressed freedom and destroyed Tibetan traditions to a considerable extent. Even after several decades, the torch of liberty for Tibet is yet to be seen, as it remains under ruthless Chinese government.

It is ironical that the USA and several countries in Western Europe who pride themselves as vibrant democracies and claim that they value and cherish freedom of expression did nothing to make China see reason and release the Nobel laureate. They were more concerned about the economic and trade opportunities with China and therefore, readily ignored the repressive jail term for Liu. Their double standards are crystal clear.

There should be thousands of citizens in China who feel incredibly sad about the death of Liu  Xiaobo but do not have the freedom to pay tribute to him eulogizing his  call for the rule of law,  democracy, and freedom of expression in China.

It is gratifying that there have been some protests in Hong Kong when several thousand people were reported to have held an evening vigil for Liu and went for a silent march, hailing Liu as people’s hero.
One can be sure that governments in the USA and other countries will not take any steps to honor Liu and make the world remember him by building a memorial for him. They know that Chinese government would not like this and they would not like to displease Chinese government, so long as it remains as an attractive place for trade and investment.

Certainly, they must be millions of people around the world who want the memory of Liu to be kept alive, and his call for freedom and liberty in China remembered for all time to come. Such people should join and organize a forum to construct a memorial for Liu Xiaobo in any part of the world that would remain as a Memorial for Liberty.

The statue of liberty in the USA has not been adequate to persuade the US government to actually render its voice for the cause of freedom that Xiaobo stood for.  One hopes that the Memorial for Liberty built for Liu would ensure that the aspiration for freedom for people around the world would remain in focus for all time to come.

The Chinese government is bound to learn lessons sooner or later and perhaps, sooner than later. The Memorial for Liu would ensure that this would happen.

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