India shooting itself in the foot: China Daily editorial

(China Daily)
Updated: 2017-08-13 19:56

By persistently maintaining the standoff between its troops trespassing in China’s territory and the Chinese troops stationed there, what does India want, a war with China or something else?

By calling on India to withdraw its troops and warning it time and again about the serious consequences it will face, China has given it an inch but India wants to take a mile, not only by turning a deaf ear to the repeated warnings but also by increasing its military presence along that section of the delimited border.

The Press Trust of India quoted an unnamed government official as saying that the “caution level” among the troops has also been raised. It is hard to escape the conclusion that it is making preparations for a military clash with China.

In another development, the Indian government announced on Wednesday that it will impose anti-dumping duties on 93 products imported from China, which can only be regarded as another provocation by India.

China does not want a war with India; it does not want conflict of any kind with its neighbor. That explains why China has employed the utmost restraint by repeatedly asking India to withdraw its troops and warning it about the serious consequences should a military conflict take place.

It is wrong and stupid of India to consider China’s restraint as a sign of weakness and taking it for granted. By doing so, India is walking further down a dangerous path, which will take it anywhere but a destination with both diplomatic and substantial gains.

India should come to its senses and understand that there is a limit to China’s restraint. It would be a grave miscalculation to expect China to give in and make concessions at the expense of its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

India will only shoot itself in the foot if it persists with its stubborn refusal to pull its troops out of Chinese territory, and it will only shame itself by coercing China to take whatever action is necessary to drive the trespassing troops out of Chinese territory.

India should pull its troops out before it is too late.

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