• Special Marriage Act

    Special Marriage Act0

      In which is why we got Married by a Place People are born in Places. Places consist mostly of the People born in them. Different Places have different rules concerning their People. Those rules are different again from those concerning People from other Places — e.g. I was born in That Place, but I

  • The End of the Road

    The End of the Road0

    Sri Lanka’s Muslims are at an unprecedented and ominous crossroads. The community there is faced with an existential threat at the hands of an increasingly militant Buddhist minority, while the nation’s Muslim parliamentarians appear to be more powerless and mute than at any time since 1947. This impotence is startling because the current parliament holds

  • Performative Whiteness

    Performative Whiteness0

    It was September 2008. As the Bush Administration prepared to leave office with America’s global reputation in shambles, something that seemed astonishing happened. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who had already been treating American officials like Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice with uncharacteristic generosity, stated, “the people of India deeply love you, President Bush.” For

  • The Roots Of Radicalization in Pakistan

    The Roots Of Radicalization in Pakistan4

    Introduction Pakistan, a nuclear-armed country with 180 million people, is struggling against a host of complex problems. It inherited some of these in 1947 — like poor industrial and government infrastructure, inadequate educational facilities1 and insecurity vis-à-vis an entrenched rivalry with India—while many of its other troubles are largely self-inflicted. Among this second category, political

  • The Time in Between: On Nepal’s Constitutional Transition

    The Time in Between: On Nepal’s Constitutional Transition0

    “We’re going to go to the central grounds, and we’re going to get in front of the crowds and yell our speeches, and we’re going to go like this!” Krishna Bahadur Karki was getting visibly excited as he jabbed his clenched fist repeatedly into the air. Next to him was a well-thumbed Nepali translation of

  • Senator Bob Casey Honored, Richard Verma speaks at South Asia Journal Inaugural Dinner

    Senator Bob Casey Honored, Richard Verma speaks at South Asia Journal Inaugural Dinner0

    Wednesday April 24th, WASHINGTON, D.C.  buy generic propecia online A DIVERSE coterie of journalists, academics, and policy professionals, including two Congressmen, two current Ambassadors, three former United States Ambassadors, and one US Senator, convened at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel in Washington D.C., to celebrate the first inaugural dinner of the South Asia Journal.  The Publisher

  • Observations from India’s Crisis

    Observations from India’s Crisis0

    The Disaster of Water Sanitation In 2012, for the first time in the history of India, the country has seen nationwide public protests against improper waste management – from the northernmost state Jammu and Kashmir to the southernmost Tamil Nadu. A fight for the right to a clean environment and for environmental justice led the


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