• Impact of insurgency on tourism and horticulture in Kashmir valley

    Impact of insurgency on tourism and horticulture in Kashmir valley0

    Jammu and Kashmir (often written as J&K) is bestowed with ample natural resources. The state is rich in forest resources, fresh water bodies, and medicinal plants. The state, particularly Kashmir valley, is also well known for its horticulture production of dry fruits like walnut, almond, apricot as well as fruits like pears, peaches, plums, figs

  • The Bodu Bala Senā: Sinhalatva Origins and International Influences

    The Bodu Bala Senā: Sinhalatva Origins and International Influences0

    The end of Sri Lanka’s bloody civil war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in 2009 might have signalled a new era of peace and reconciliation, but some nationalist Buddhist monks are actively working to turn the Sinhalese majority against a “new threat:” Sri Lanka’s Muslim minority. Most prominent among the new wave

  • Secularism in Bangladesh under attack

    Secularism in Bangladesh under attack0

    Being an atheist in Bangladesh can be perilous living as has been attested by the killings of atheist bloggers in recent years by religious extremists. A new study has now revealed that doubt and suspicion about atheists may be much more deep seeded and ingrained in the life of the average Bangladeshi as well. Timeline

  • Ready to Step out of Shadows

    Ready to Step out of Shadows4

    Book review: The China-Pakistan Axis by Andrew Mall The China-Pakistan Axis: Asia’s New Geopolitics Author: Andrew Small Oxford University press Release: 2015 China-Pakistan Axis is a good effort by Andrew Small; it covers most of the part of Sino-Pak relations throughout the history. This book contains seven chapters from which first three chapters are about

  • Forces Behind The partition

    Forces Behind The partition0

    Book review: Indian Summer by Alex von Tunzelmann Indian Summer: The Secret History of the End of an Empire Author: Alex von Tunzelmann Henry Holt & Company 401 pp Released: 2007   Alex Von Tunzelmann, a British scholar in her path breaking book Indian summer, the secret history of the end of an empire is

  • India’s strategic shift to counter Sino-Pak relations

    India’s strategic shift to counter Sino-Pak relations0

    India’s commitment to non-alignment and reluctance to join the Western bloc made its relations with the United States (US) fragile and ambiguous. Suspicions, political mind-sets and mistaken ideologies are residues of the cold war period that further increased the hollowness of this relationship. On the other hand, New Delhi always struggled with the challenges of

  • Impending disaster of Baluchistan to Pakistan

    Impending disaster of Baluchistan to Pakistan0

    Pakistan to all intents and purposes, was indeed carved out on the underpinnings of religion from its womb called Hindustan in which Islam was said to play a unifying role. But Pakistan that emerged has been ethnically and linguistically an amalgam of complex states. Pashtun’s and Punjabi’s are scattered along length and breadth of country

  • India, US and Emerging South Asia

    India, US and Emerging South Asia0

    Why should the US claim that India is its friend and partner in South Asia and yet initiate processes that are not India-friendly, particularly when other friends and allies of the kind from the West on the one hand, and East and South-East Asia on the other, have experienced an entirely different American treatment all

  • Positive Liberty’ is the Answer in India

    Positive Liberty’ is the Answer in India0

    The problem of growing intolerance in India was discussed in the Parliament in this Winter Session as a pressing national concern that tampered with the fabric of peaceful co-existence, which is a vital determining characteristic of the Indian state. In modern Indian politics, the word ‘intolerance’ can be construed as an umbrella term that encompasses

  • Kashmir-A Colossal Challenge

    Kashmir-A Colossal Challenge0

    Common sense dictates one thing but Kashmir moves to the other direction. Researches, commission reports and articles, along with a plethora of propaganda (by media vultures), keep piling up on the human or social fallout of the K-issue. Plenty of discourses remains on the assaults  (sexual or physical) on the vulnerable, the monster of women


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