Can God die? Can cow die?

Image credit: A pamphlet protesting against the Muslim practice of beef-eating. The demon Kali (far right) attempts to slaughter the sacred cow, represented by “the mother of cows” Kamadhenu in whose body all deities are believed to reside. The colour version ran by the Ravi Varma Press (c. 1912).

-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Eyeing national votes of majority Hindus, India’s fanatic Hindutva parties led by BJP claim the animal cow to be a Hindu god the Modi government is busy punishing those who possess cow for meat or selling cow meat. They target Muslims to gain the sympathy of Hindus for their votes.

But the fact remains only a small minority among Hindus are Hindutva minded. The Hindutva elements who now rule much of India try to tame the Hindus to an ideology that would keep Hindutva forces thrive in the country. Cow become an issue that way.

Humans came into being only after the needy food was made ready for them to consume and live, including animals.

The concept of God is being mutilated to accommodate HIndutva’s vote techniques. BJP calculates that if Muslims are insulted and attacked or killed they gain the sympathy of Hindus.

The fire broke out on June 17, 2017, at Om Agricultural Farm in Gokarneshwar Municipality-1 in Kathmandu Nepal, said Metropolitan Police Circle, Bouddha. 45 cows charred in Gokarneshwar fire. Many are injured seriously. According to police, the fire broke out at around 11:00 am due to short circuit.

The treatment process of the injured cows is initiated, it is said.

The fire was brought under control with the help of Nepal Army and Nepal Police personnel and the locals.

Similarly, cow sheds, generator, and tons of animal feeds also were destroyed in the fire.

The point the death of cows makes it amply clear that cows are not gods and gods do not die. Gods, therefore, need not be reborn as well.

Only creations of God die or decay. If some politician or sanyasi argues God’s creation should not be eaten or drunk, then humans cannot eat or drink anything. The cow is as much an animal as bull or goat is or birds like chicken. BJP et al, which seeks votes on issues like mosque, Pakistan, and cow, should understand that is not a good show of political will.

Even God could not save those cows that were killed in Nepal and that are being slaughtered across the globe for meat. Don’t the PM Modi and BJP/RSS stalwarts know that their cow god is the meat stuff of whole world and India also exports that meat to many countries to earn foreign currency.

The difference between humans or animals and God is that the latter is eternal. The man has chosen those eatables that are safe and not harmful to their health.

If BJP government brings a legislation to ban meat of all animals and birds that would be genuine. Therefore, a government should not be partial towards specific animals, while neglecting many others.

Indians in modernity are capable of choosing what is good or bad. Maybe their choice of Hindutva parties as the rulers is not correct. BJP thinks people have elected them to push through all nasty agendas of Hindutva. Not at all. They also believe only such ultra fanaticism could help the Hindutva forces stay in politics and power in India

Elections are mere calculations and alliances of several parties. BJP got votes of many other alliance partners for them cow Is not a god.

India suffers badly from the hysterical attitude towards life. Media project their favorite cricketers and film stars as gods or demigods. Their fanatic and poisonous propaganda have made inroads into the streams of society.

Since most Indians do not have any idea about God, they want to see gods in film stars who make enormous wealth even by illegal means and cricketers, who make 100s by mutual understanding and mafia fixings. Can frauds be gods as well?

While BJP/RSS leaders are worshipping cricketers as their gods, also use religious issues for votes. Suddenly they found an unprotected cow shivering on the street and want every Indian to worship it.