Bangladesh: Writer Mushtaq tortured to death in jail: Mirza Fakrul

Writer Mushtaq Ahmed, 53, detained in Kashimpur jail under the lawsuit of Digital Security Act (DSA), died on Thursday

BNP’s general secretary Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir alleged that detained writer Mushtaq Ahmed was tortured to death in the prison. He said the state power is involved in the death of the non-political writer Mushtaq.

BNP leader stated this on Friday in a press release. Writer Mushtaq Ahmed, 53, detained in Kashimpur jail under the lawsuit of Digital Security Act (DSA), died on Thursday.

Fakrul said the opportunity to express people’s views against the anomalies of state and society using the social media platform is universally recognised across the democratic world. But the incumbent Awami-League (AL), intolerant of the people’s views in social media, has imposed some repressive laws. Those who are trying to express their views independently are either victims of enforced disappearance or are killed in custody. The latest victim is Mushtaq Ahmed.

Mirza Fakrul said, “It is not normal to kill such a non-political and innocent thinker like Mushtaq for expressing his views in Facebook. The state power is associated with this. I strongly denounce the custodial death of Mushtaq.”

He demanded to form a judicial inquiry committee regarding the incident.

Saying that a one-party ‘Baksal-like’ rule is now on in the country, Fakrul said, enforced disappearance, murder, crossfire and custodial deaths have been made a part of state life to stop people from uttering words against government.

The government is also intimidated by criticism against them. The state has gradually taken the shape of a mafia. The government has taken steps to kill conscientious and independent writers to divert people’s attention away from their misdeeds.

Mirza Fakhrul hoped that the country’s young generation would wake up to protest against Mushtaq’s death. He hoped freedom of expression, good governance, rule of law and civil liberties would return to the country.

The BNP secretary general demanded the release of cartoonist Ahmed Kabir Kishore, who was detained along with Mushtaq Ahmed under the DSA in May last year.

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