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    N N Tarun Chakravorty

    N N TARUN CHAKRAVORTY Professor of Economics, Siberian Federal University, Russia. He has studied Economics in Leeds, London School of Economics and Bath. Author’s PhD thesis looks into the growth-corruption link in Bangladesh perspectives. Research interests include growth, development, governance, institution, well-being, inequality, migration. As an economist he has Presented papers in Royal Economic Society Conference, American Economic Association Conference, Development Studies Association (UK) Conference, Canadian Economics Association Conference. Forth-coming books: 1) Comparative analysis of Russian citizens’ well-being before and after the collapse of the Soviet Union; 2) The causes of the fall of Soviet Union You can reach the author via nntarun@gmail.com

Author's Posts

  • Tackling corruption is impossible without democracy0

    Credit: Transparency International December 11, 2020 N N Tarun Chakravorty Corruption is at once a bureaucratic, institutional and political problem. A cure for this problem lies in accountability because there is a clear connection between corruption and lack of accountability. Corruption takes place when the agent and the client collude, according to the principal-agent-client theory,

  • GDP growth, export boom and rising corruption in Bangladesh0

    LSE South Asia Centre 25 October 2020   imf.org   M Niaz Asadullah and N N Tarun Chakravorty Estimated reading time: 10 minutes   Bangladesh’s economy is booming however corruption persists. Here M Niaz Asadullah (University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur) and N N Tarun Chakravorty (Siberian Federal University, Russia) explain what their research shows about

  • Causes of corruption: theories and empirical findings0

      by N N Tarun Chakravorty    19 August 2020 Corruption was originally a topic of Psychology, Political Science and Social Science. As a subject, corruption is new in Economics. J. S. Nye and Susan Rose-Ackerman are two of those who extensively researched in this area and wrote. Both of them wrote as a subject

  • Tackling the COVID-19 pandemic: The Bangladesh case0

    by N N TARUN CHAKRAVORTY 8 June 2020 How Bangladesh tackles the COVID-19 pandemic is a matter of significant interest to the global community for a number of reasons: Bangladesh is the 8th most densely-populated country of the world, having 1252.6 residents per square kilometer according to World Population Prospects 2019 published by the United

  • Mujib’s failure with BaKSAL: Lessons for Sheikh Hasina3

    by N N Tarun Chakravorty 22 September 2019 One veteran leftist politician who lived in close proximity with Sheikh Mujib in jail for a long time, in a private conversation with me, said, ‘Suhrawardy was his brain and Maulana Bhasani was his heart.’ This observation seems to reveal the truth when we learn that Sheikh

  • Prospects of forming an economic zone in South Asia and beyond0

    by N N TARUN CHAKRAVORTY 24 August 2019 There is a two-way causal relationship between international trade and economic growth i.e. trade stimulates growth and growth also leads to cross-border trade. The concept of regionalism in case of international trade came up and has been advocated by scholars not only for a greater utilization of

  • Exceptionalities of Bangladesh development: What are the contributing factors?0

    N N TARUN CHAKRAVORTY 12 August 2019 For two reasons development in Bangladesh has received applause from the global community: improvements in its human/social development indicators are exceptionally higher than the same income-level countries’ including India and Pakistan, and this development has been achieved despite its poor governance.  It is surprising because its GDP per


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