A Call to the Government of Bangladesh: Secure the Release of Mubashar Hasan Immediately


Professor Mubashar Hasan, a young professor of political science in Dhaka Bangladesh, has been missing for nearly a week. We appeal to the Government of Bangladesh to find him and secure his release immediately. Time is of the essence.  Please help ensure that Dr. Hasan doesn’t become another one of Bangladesh’s “disappeared.”  Act now. Please sign this petition and share widely with your network.

About Dr. Hasan:

Dr Mubashar Hasan, a young political scientist who is an assistant professor at the North South University of Dhaka. He is well known for his works on violent extremism in Bangladesh, widely published in academic journals and often quoted in the media for his scholarship.

On Tuesday, November 7 2017, he was to attend a UNDP meeting but he never arrived. His family has filed a missing person case with police and RAB. (For information, see:

We are deeply concerned about his fate. In the past 10 weeks at least 10 persons including a journalist, a book importer, and a businessman have gone ‘missing’. The number of enforced disappearances has increased in recent months, at least 50 people since January has reportedly disappeared. Human Rights groups and family members have insisted that various government agencies, especially RAB, is the perpetrator in most of these cases.

Since Dr. Hasan’s disappearance, the government has not acted swiftly or effectively to find him much less secure his safe release. Help us remind the the government of Bangladesh of its responsibility to protect its citizens despite differences of opinion.

Time is of essence. Please act by signing, sharing and encouraging local journalists to continue reporting.

Thank you,

C. Christine Fair (Associate Professor, Security Studies Program, Georgetown University)

Ali Riaz (Professor of the Department of Politics and Government, Illinois State University)

Source: Change.org