• Indian Strategy towards the Strait of Malacca

    Indian Strategy towards the Strait of Malacca0

    For decades, India has remained one of the most influential political and military powers on the Asian continent. Given the Indian population of nearly 1.2 billion, a strong and continually growing economy (GDP in terms of purchasing power parity in 2011 was four and a half trillion dollars) and the size and power of the

  • Chameleon of Changing World Order

    Chameleon of Changing World Order0

    Ahead of Obama’s India visit, a psi-war stoking China-India divide manifested early November, 2010 in the Indian print media. Former US ambassador to India Robert Blackwill, currently the Henry Kissinger Senior Fellow for US foreign policy at the Council on Foreign Relations, was quoted as saying “I think it's fair to say now that China-India


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