• It’s Time We Absolve Jinnah0

    Partition harmed the Indian Muslims most, but to put the blame on Jinnah, or the Muslim League, is not necessarily a correct historical reading. Jinnah. Credit: Wikimedia Commons Sharjeel Imam COMMUNALISM HISTORY 07/MAY/2018 Whenever Mohammed Ali Jinnah is in the news, Indian Muslims tend to pander to the insecurities of their Hindu co-nationalists, and come out and

  • India: Tensions High In Kashmir After Weekend Of Deadly Violence0

       May 8, 2018 BenarNews     By Amin Masoodi Authorities beefed up security in Indian Kashmir on Monday after 17 people were killed in gun battles and attacks over the weekend, including a university professor-turned suspected militant, and more than 100 were injured in protests. But the situation remained tense as at least a dozen anti-India

  • Pakistan minister survives attack over blasphemy laws0

    Gunman allegedly tells police he shot Ahsan Iqbal because of government attempt to water down laws Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal (right) and Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi perform a ground-breaking ceremony for a motorway project on May 5. (Photo courtesy of Press Information Department, Government of Pakistan) Zahid Hussain, Karachi  Pakistan May 7, 2018 Pakistani government minister

  • Islamic revival threatens Bangladesh’s identity0

    Internal threats more worrisome than external ones as extremists gather strength Police detain a couple over suspected links with Islamist extremists in Chittagong in this March 15, 2017 file photo after suspected extremists threw grenades at and opened fire on Bangladeshi officers. (Photo by AFP) Rock Ronald Rozario, Dhaka  Bangladesh May 8, 2018 Four decades is enough for an independent nation

  • Rohingya fear India’s move to aid repatriation plan0

    Hindu groups heap pressure on govt to oust refugees but their safety still far from guaranteed in Myanmar Rohingya refugees look for their belongings in New Delhi on April 16, , following a fire that broke out at their camp the day before that left around 200 people homeless. The refugees living in New Delhi


    BY SKOT THAYER • MAY 08 2018 Why You Should Care Because Muhammad Noor is binding together an endangered people. Malaysia has become one of the most popular destinations for the Rohingya people driven from their homelands in Myanmar. They are often smuggled into Kuala Lumpur, where they arrive with hopes as high as the megacity’s glass-and-steel towers. Muhammad

    By OZY


  • “An entire generation lost”: Analysing the true casualties of war in Afghanistan0

    by Anant Mishra     23/2/2018 Introduction A vicious cycle of “violence, ignorance, seclusion, ethnic conflicts, and socio-economic instability”, resulted in the loss of an entire generation in Afghanistan; furthermore, failure of international communities, global aid organizations, think tanks and international political institutions such as the UN, to timely and adequately assist the Afghan masses could potentially

  • Modi should ban all elections in India0

    by Gaurav Tyagi   21/2/2018 Western-style democracy is effective when a country’s population is highly educated and possesses mature and rational thinking. Nehru after independence from the British rule in 1947 wrongly provided “universal adult suffrage” without facilitating the basic educational standard of India. This policy of giving voting rights to a largely illiterate, semi-literate population


    by F R Chowdhury     21/2/2018 Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) has been ruled by military dictators for a long time. In today’s world it is difficult for such a military government to stand at par with the governments of other civilized democratic countries. As the time went on, pressure started mounting on the military

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