• Tibetans Should Keep Talking About Horror Stories And Future Vision

    Tibetans Should Keep Talking About Horror Stories And Future Vision0

    Tibetans living across the world as expatriates or citizens of other countries cannot but feel sad that world has, by and large, appear to be no more concerned that Tibetans have lost their motherland due to the aggressive onslaught of China. The present generation all over the world appear to be unaware of the horrible

  • Intolerance shadowing liberal order in Bangladesh

    Intolerance shadowing liberal order in Bangladesh0

    Bangladeshi people are now living in an environment of constant fear as extremist and militant attacks have intensified and appear to be all around them. Being carried out in what appears to be an incessant fashion, the liberal democratic fabric of Bangladesh is under considerable threat as religious minorities, non-Muslim priests, foreigners, bloggers, atheists, academics,

  • No ambiguity this time

    No ambiguity this time0

    Although some Bangladeshi politicians till the recent past had been in a denial mode about the presence of any ISIS elements in the country, the latest terror attack in Bangladesh has spelled out with no ambiguity that it was ISIS, which was behind the killing of 28 people at the Holey Artisan café at Gulshan,

  • The Perils & Positives of Track II Diplomacy – India Focus

    The Perils & Positives of Track II Diplomacy – India Focus0

    Track II diplomacy is a term coined by an American diplomat Joseph Montville in the 1970s which entails countries engaging via networks that operate complementary to the official government capacity. Only after the Soviet War in Afghanistan did this concept gain prominence. Track II dialogues have been an integral part in laying the groundwork for

  • The Potentials of India-Bangladesh Coastal Shipping

    The Potentials of India-Bangladesh Coastal Shipping0

    Earlier this year, Bangladesh shipping minister Shajahan Khan launched the coastal shipping service between Bangladesh and India at the New Mooring container terminal at Chittagong port. The minister said coastal shipping was being implemented within a year after the agreement was signed during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh in June 2015. Khan said, “The goods

  • In Bangladesh the politics of democracy is dysfunctional

    In Bangladesh the politics of democracy is dysfunctional0

    No doubt, it is a disturbing fact that the BNP is in dire crisis. Almost 28 months after the unnecessarily boycotted general elections — when it receded to its worst political performance ever — the then-grand centre-right-wing party is in a state of drift. It appears confused about its next steps, and certainly bereaved of


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  • Bollywood Celebrities of Hindutva

    by Bhabani Shankar Nayak  20 November 2021 The Hindi film industry in Bombay has contributed immensely to the growth of peace, solidarity and secular nationalism, and progressive popular culture in India. The actors, directors, singers, artists, producers, and writers of Bollywood have challenged the power and stood behind people and their citizenship rights by upholding

  • Violence against Hindus in Bangladesh and Muslims in India: a case of state failure in one and state inspired, in another?

    by M Adil Khan — 15/11/2021 Image of the recent destruction of Hindu Temple in Comilla, Bangladesh. Source: The Free Press Journal Image of destruction of Muslim properties during the 2020 anti-Muslim riot in Delhi, India. Source: Al Jazeera   In India, the sectarian violence against the Muslims, a minority (213 million or 15.5% of the population), are

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