• Pakistan: Ayub the First0

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    • January 20, 2020

    Ayub the First – Newspaper – DAWN.COM Asad Rahim Khan   January 16, 2020 WRITING on how to live one’s life, American essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, ‘Shallow men believe in luck… strong men believe in cause and effect’. Because empires are built on entitlement, so America never tires of hearing about the strong, silent type.

  • The World Looks to Abandon the Dollar as US Sanctions Tighten Their Grip0

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    • January 20, 2020

    01/15/2020 Ryan McMaken When the US places financial sanctions on one country, it de facto sanctions many other countries as well — including many of its allies. This is because not all countries and firms are interested in participating in the US sanctions-based foreign policy. Sanctions, after all, have become a favorite go-to strategy for

  • China looms large even in its absence at India’s Raisina Dialogue, as experts discuss trade and security0

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    • January 19, 2020

    If concerns about China had been muted in the past, they were never far from the surface at this year’s gathering in New Delhi Russian foreign minister accused the US of seeking to exclude China but Washington and its allies were prepared to push back Kunal Purohit | 19 Jan, 2020 | This week in


  • Whither the BNP? Let’s Still Identify with It0

    by Q M Jalal Khan 12 October 2019 “To be, or not to be, that is the question.” That is how the 30-yr old Prince Hamlet of Denmark is deeply and frightfully pondering over whether to continue to live a safe and long life (possibly a love and family life too) and thereby passively tolerate

  • Walking the tight rope: India’s Diplomatic Strategy in the Middle East0

    Walking the tight rope: India’s Diplomatic Strategy in the Middle East By Prannv Dhawan 11 October 2019 India’s diplomatic corps have been resolutely articulating India’s stances and furthering its interests in the international fora where multiple challenges emanating from historical and contemporary contexts are being faced. One important factor which India’s astute foreign policy makers

  • Trump has no option but to resume Afghan peace talks soon0

    by Yead Mirza 12 October 2019 In early-September, the US President Donald Trump called-off the peace negotiations with the Taliban after they had carried-out a suicide car bomb attack that took several lives in Kabul, including a US soldier. The decision to call-off the negotiations came at a time when some sort of agreement was about to

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  • Indian Navy benefits from Pentagon paranoia over China

    US government in a hurry to get new sub-hunting helicopters into the hands of the Indian Navy by Dave Makichuk May 20, 2020 To say the Pentagon is concerned about China’s military expansion would be an understatement — just ask the Indian Navy. According to a report by Paul McLeary for Breaking Defense, the US

  • Dispute between Nepal and India Worsen over Territory of Kalapani

    by Hari Prasad Shrestha 23 May 2020 In his address to the House of Representatives, Prime Minister of Nepal, KP Sharma Oli, in response to the opposition lawmakers’ queries about the government’s annual policy and program, he remembered the motto of India’s state emblem, “Satyameva Jayate” (“Only truth triumphs”), and the four-head lion figure of

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