• Beijing tightens its grip on IslamabadDid China convince Pakistan to pay $90 billion for China’s benefit?0

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    • January 14, 2019

    China’s President Xi Jinping (right) shakes hands with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan ahead of their meeting in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing in November 2018. (Photo by Thomas Peter/AFP)Anders Corr Pakistan  The Financial Times revealed on Jan. 1 that China is planning a secret US$2 billion loan to Pakistan to avoid any future

  • Great Power Rivalry Reaches Africa0

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    • January 11, 2019

    Anand KumarAnand Kumar is Associate Fellow at Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses. Click here for detailed profile January 09, 2019 The United States finds its position increasingly challenged by two emerging powers with global ambitions, China and Russia. This rivalry now threatens to engulf the continent of Africa as well. China has expanded its economic

    By IDSA
  • India should seek to clear Bhutanese doubts and apprehensions0

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    • January 10, 2019

    China has a border dispute with Bhutan but, because of India’s support, Beijing has not forced its hand. China, which wants to thwart Indian influence in Bhutan, has offered to open a diplomatic mission, an offer Bhutan has not permitted, writes J.K.Verma for South Asia Monitor.     J.K.Verma Jan 1, 2019 China, the world’s


  • Afghanistan’s Oil, Gas, and Minerals Industries0

    by Engineer Zahibudin Makhkash       1 September 2018 According to the Department of Defense’s (DOD) Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO), the estimated value of Afghanistan’s minerals and hydrocarbons deposits collectively known as “extractives” is more than $1 trillion, with $908 billion in mineral resources and more than $200 billion in hydrocarbon deposits.

  • Rohingyas: The Dual Victims Of Wartime Rape 0

     August 31, 2018 By Grace Guo In Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, 25-year-old Meher breastfeeds her newborn. Her daughter’s name is Yasmin, the Muslim namesake for the fragrant jasmine flower. “She is my baby, she is completely mine, and I love her,” she says, “but when I look at her, I also remember the horrors.” Yasmin is a child

  • Re-imaging of the Asian Century: The Asian Quad Can Be A Catalyst?0

      by Dr. Bawa Singh           31 August 2018 The 21st century is being projected as the Asian Century. The regional economy is going to decide the potential of the 21st century as ‘Asian Century’. Historically, these countries hada substantive share in the world economy. However, with the colonization and industrial development

  • The threat of ISIS in Afghanistan: Continuing Blame game and the Afghan Peace Process0

    An Islamic State fighter, second from right, speaking to a journalist after surrendering in Jowzjan Province, in northern Afghanistan, on Wednesday.CreditCreditAssociated Press   Dr. Manoj Kumar Mishra, Lecturer in Political Science, S.V.M. Autonomous College, Odisha, India. Previously worked as the Programme Coordinator, School of International Studies, Ravenshaw University, Odisha, India. While Lt. Col. Martin O’Donnell

  • Stalin’s dream for now is to ward off BJP’s kiss of death0

    N Sathiya Moorthy  28 August 2018   Why did the DMK’s newly-anointed president single out the saffron party in his acceptance speech? Wary of how its alliance with the BJP in the past had cost it votes, the party is determined to steer clear of any harm by association, says N Sathiya Moorthy.   In invoking American civil

  • Agriculture a Boon for Pakistan’s Economy and CPEC0

    by Qura tul ain Hafeez         30 August 2o18 Agriculture comprises a big chunk of Pakistan’s economy. A bulk of Pakistan’s population implicitly or explicitly relies on this sector. According to Pakistan’s Statistical Bureau, 24 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is contributed in the national economy through agricultural sector. It constitutes 43%

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  • Bangladesh’s rape epidemic: Are these a case of deviant sexual behaviour or ‘System’s failure’?

    By M Adil Khan 16 May 2019 In Bangladesh incidents of loot, plunder, enforced disappearances, breakdown of rule of law, extra-judicial killings, deaths and injuries in road accidents through reckless driving have become parts of daily news.  Lately, news of audacious rapes, abductions of girls and women and sexual harassments in almost all parts of

  • Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka: Crisis, Correction and Hope

    By Asanga Abeyagoonasekera 8 May 2019 “What happened on September 11th is at least, theoretically, small stuff compared to what can happen.” Robert D. Kaplan  I was 16 when I witnessed the horror terrorism first hand. It was the blast I lost my father in. When the long battle ended with the Tamil Tigers in

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