• Nepalese Labor Migration—A Status Report0

    June 6, 2018 By Nandita Baruah and Nischala Arjal Like so many citizens in countries facing shrinking economic opportunities at home, many Nepalis have sought employment abroad, and international labor migration has become an accepted avenue for economic growth, both for the individual and for the nation. Nepal’s political and socioeconomic systems are in a

  • Not Far From Disputed Ayodhya Site, Priests Hold Iftar for Muslims in Temple0

    Mahant Jugal Kishore Sharan Shastry, chief priest of the Saryu Kunj temple, said that they want to spread the message of peace from Ayodhya to the world. A view of Saryu Kunj temple, where the Iftar party was organised. Credit: Arshad Afzaal Khan Arshad Afzaal Khan 06/Jun/2018 Ayodhya: In an attempt towards what they called strengthening

  • Bangladesh’s lax security sees rise in cybercrime0

    Women said to account for 70 percent of victims with most under 25 Social media accounts are increasingly being hacked and people blackmailed in Bangladesh. (Photo by Tobias Schwarz/AFP) Stephan Uttom and Rock Ronald Rozario, Dhaka Bangladesh June 7, 2018 Gracie Gomes (not her real name) is not the only Bangladeshi girl born into a

  • An imagination scarred by conflict: Afghan children face devastating effects of war0

    From my childhood I predominantly recall war, violence, killing, injures, burning of buildings and sounds of different jet fighters, rockets and landmines, which affected my way of seeing and understanding the world. There is no change in the situation for my sons and hundreds of other children living in the country, writes Majidullah Rasooli for South

  • Rohingya: UN takes a cautious step forward in Myanmar0

    BY    Aaron L Connelly     @ConnellyAL      7 June 2018 For months, Myanmar has sought a deal with the United Nations, to validate its assertions that is prepared to facilitate the “safe, voluntary, and dignified return” of Rohingya refugees in camps in Bangladesh. In an arrangement struck late Thursday night, two UN agencies agreed

  • The tragic attraction of fundamentalism0

    All religious traditions seem to favor compliance and stability over enquiry and dissent Supporters of India’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) celebrate election results outside the party headquarters in New Delhi on May 15. (Photo by Money Sharma/AFP) Father Myron Pereira, Mumbai India June 6, 2018 “The 21st century will be religious, or it will not


  • Moderating Islam: Saudi Prince Mohammed walks on shaky ground0

    By James M. Dorsey       5/4/2018 Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has dazzled international media and public opinion by lifting some restrictions on women’s rights, holding out hope for the abolishment of others, and a vow to return the kingdom to a vague form of moderate Islam that many believe is defined by


      N.S. Venkataraman     4/4/2018 It appears that environmental activism has become a profession these days all over the world. There are many environmental activists across the world whose full-time occupation now is to oppose projects, particularly relating to nuclear, chemical, mining, etc. These activists claim that they are voluntary bodies. One wonders from where

  • Profile of Province Punjab in Pakistan0

      Dr. Rajkumar Singh     4/4/2018 Background The name ‘Punjab’ is compound of two Persian words Panj (five) and ab (water) and was introduced to the region by the Turko-Persian conquerers of India and more formally popularised during the Mughal Empire. Punjab means “The Land of Five Rivers” referring to the rivers: Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi,

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