• NRC Assam: India Is Obligated to Ensure That People Are Not Rendered Stateless0

    27 August 2018  The Wire The NRC has effectively become a political tool in the hands of divisive forces and it is imperative on India to prevent the creation of stateless populations and to prevent the violation of the human rights of those who are most vulnerable. The bottom line on NRC is not implementation;

  • Kuldip Nayar, Who Spent His Life Searching for Truth Between the Lines0

    27 August 2018  The Wire Kuldip Nayar wrote relentlessly on issues he thought were relevant for the people and the nation, and belonged to a generation that represented a selfless breed of human beings. Kuldip Nayar. Credit: Jaskirat Singh Bawa/Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 2.0 Sanjay Parikh On June 26, 2018, a human rights organisations had

  • More Rohingya flee with repatriation in limbo0

      Finger pointing by Bangladesh and Myanmar stalls attempts to safely repatriate refugees Rohingya refugees enter Bangladesh through Shah Porir Dwip island on Sept. 9, 2017. They are still awaiting repatriation to Myanmar. (Photo by Piyas Biswas/ Stephan Uttom and Rock Ronald Rozario, Dhaka Bangladesh August 27, 2018 One year after a deadly crackdown on ethnic Rohingya

  • Indian fishermen become heroes of Kerala flood0

      Selfless seamen refused payment for carrying boats on lorries inland to save children and adults Fishermen sort their catch after returning to shore from the Arabian Sea at Kollam beach in Kerala on Aug. 22. Tourism Minister K.J Alphons has called fishermen the “biggest heroes” of Kerala’s flood disaster. (Photo by Manjunath Kiran/AFP) T. K. Devasia,

  • Bangladesh: We want polls under a credible govt0

    Mizanur Rahman Khan | Aug 27, 2018   Prothom Alo        Political crisis like the one currently facing Bangladesh has ruined some strong nations, eminent jurist and one of the framers of the constitution Kamal Hossain has said. He called the announcement to form an election-time government in October a farcical statement and also questioned the legitimacy

  • Rohingya Crisis Diminishes Aung San Suu Kyi0

    The world continues to shrug and take meaningless gestures on the highly visible Rohingya crisis a year after the Myanmar military burned villages and drove more than 700,000 minority people across the border into Bangladesh and beyond. Myanmar, insisting that the Rohingyas are not citizens, have redistributed their land and shown no genuine willingness to


  • India: The common thread running through TN protests0

      N Sathiya Moorthy, 28 May 2018  In the circumstances, an independent probe alone would establish the truth, starting from Koodangulam. It is more so in the case of Marina violence over Jallikattu, which may even at this late hour hold a candle to the events and developments in Thoothukudi, says  N Sathiya Moorthy. Given a chance,

  • Sri Lanka: Holding the flock together or what0

      N Sathiya Moorthy,  28 May 2018 Reports that ruling UNP ‘Leader’ and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe held at least one round of talks with the existing allies of the loosely-knit United National Front (UNF) part of the present government combine makes for interesting reading. If the talks were to lead to the UNP-UNF obtaining

  • Why does India want CBMs surrounding Pakistan’s naval developments?0

    by Uzge S. Saleem       27/5/2018 In 2017, India tested its Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) from a nuclear-powered submarine. India did not realize that the move had somehow destabilized the region, it did not feel guilty of taking the war into the Indian Ocean, and it did not hear anything over the triumph

  • Pakistan – Youm-e-Takbeer: History and Significance0

    Asma Khalid      27/5/2018 28th May this year marks the 20th anniversary of the historical moment when Pakistan successfully detonated nuclear devices in the Chagai district, Balochistan; and joined the prestigious club of nuclear weapon states. Pakistan was compelled to test the atomic weapon in response to a series of nuclear tests by India

  • Modi vs rest of India0

      N Sathiya Moorthy  27 May 2018   Whoever has lamented the BJP losing the chance to rule Karnataka despite being the ‘single-largest party’ do not know the nation’s political past over the decades – or, they do not want to remember. Among them, whoever believes that the party leadership should not have rushed through ministry-formation

  • Middle Eastern culture wars: The battle of the palates0

      By James M. Dorsey      27/5/2018   Nothing in a swath of land stretching from the Atlantic coast of Africa to China is undisputed.   Food is often emblematic of disputes over identity, history and political claims that underlie an arc of crisis-wracked by ethnic and religious conflict; clamour for political, economic, social,

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  • Bangladesh awaits the most important election in December this year

    By Abdur Rahim   10 December 2018 In December this year, a free and fair election – a rarity in Bangladesh since 2008 – will determine whether the country will follow the path of democracy or authoritarianism. This was the key topic of discussion at the South Asia Journal Special Launching and Seminar at the Woodrow

  • 2018 Bangladesh General Election: A Time for Stock-taking and Pondering the Stakes

      By Adil Khan and Habib Zafarullah*    4 December 2018 The 2018 Bangladesh General Election scheduled on December 30, 2018 marks the end of two consecutive terms of the ruling Awami League (AL), first ever by any political party since 1991, the year a combined opposition movement against a decade long dictatorship resurrected and re-introduced

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