• Why Jonathan Swift wanted to ‘vex the world’ with Gulliver’s Travels0

    An ad for cotton thread drawing on the scene in Gulliver’s Travels in which Gulliver is tied down by Liliputians. Wikimedia Ian Higgins, Australian National University In our series, Guide to the classics, experts explain key works of literature. Pick up Gulliver’s Travels expecting a children’s book or a novel and you will be unpleasantly

  • Ahmadi anger as Pakistan MPs drop scientist’s name0

    University’s physics department to be renamed as activists claim move reveals discrimination against minority Nuclear physicist Abdus Salam, pictured here in 1987, was Pakistan’s first Nobel laureate. (Photo from Wikimedia) reporter, Karachi Pakistan May 4, 2018 Pakistani MPs have drawn flak for passing a resolution to drop the name of the country’s first Nobel

  • Finding the Hidden Potential Within Bangladesh’s Garment Factories0

    May 9, 2018 By Mowmita Basak I first met Afroza Khatun in my cramped, makeshift interview room after her 10-hour shift at a garment factory outside of Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka, had ended and she was nervously preparing to take a university entrance exam. Like all the women I met at the factories, I start by

  • The Kashmir Professor Who Turned Militant and Was Killed, All Within 40 Hours0

    Mohammad Rafi Bhat was among the five Hizbul Mujahideen rebels killed in an encounter in J&K’s Shopian district on May 6. Funeral procession of lecturer Mohammad Rafi Bhat. Credit: PTI Mudasir Ahmad     8/5/2018 Srinagar: On May 4, Mohammad Rafi Bhat, assistant professor of sociology at University of Kashmir, gave his morning lecture, had tea with his colleagues

  • It’s Time We Absolve Jinnah0

    Partition harmed the Indian Muslims most, but to put the blame on Jinnah, or the Muslim League, is not necessarily a correct historical reading. Jinnah. Credit: Wikimedia Commons Sharjeel Imam COMMUNALISM HISTORY 07/MAY/2018 Whenever Mohammed Ali Jinnah is in the news, Indian Muslims tend to pander to the insecurities of their Hindu co-nationalists, and come out and

  • India: Tensions High In Kashmir After Weekend Of Deadly Violence0

       May 8, 2018 BenarNews     By Amin Masoodi Authorities beefed up security in Indian Kashmir on Monday after 17 people were killed in gun battles and attacks over the weekend, including a university professor-turned suspected militant, and more than 100 were injured in protests. But the situation remained tense as at least a dozen anti-India


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  • Bangladesh: Will this country become Pakistan or Kashmir?

      1. A political group is spreading the perception that the country will again become Pakistan if Awami League loses control of Bangladesh. They even suggested a label “Banglastan” for this supposed nation which transforms into an improvised Pakistan in the East. But symptomatically it appears to become another Kashmir, or in a classical sense

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