• Remember Roop Kanwar? ‘Padmaavat’ Isn’t the First Instance of Misdirected Rajput Pride0

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    • January 27, 2018

    By Ammu Joseph on 25/01/2018 In 1987, protests against the reportedly forced ‘sati’ of 18-year-old Roop Kanwar drew a similar backlash. Members of the Rajput community protest against the release of film ‘Padmaavat’ in Meerut o Wednesday. Credit: PTI If the rule of law prevails over censorship by mob, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s latest film, renamed

  • Indian politicians advised Netanyahus how to get away with corruption0

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    • January 26, 2018

    by Gaurav Tyagi    16/1/2018 Yair Netanyahu, the 26-year-old son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is currently in the spotlight. Channel 2, Israels’ top-rated news broadcaster aired a recording recently. The conversations in the recording are from three years back. Yair is heard making misogynistic comments about women, going on a late night search

  • Lessons in cooperation from ASEAN for India and South Asia0

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    • January 26, 2018

    By Rajat M. Nag     26/1/2018 1967 was hardly a time of great bonhomie in Southeast Asia. Malaysia and Singapore had separated from each other in a rather acrimonious split just a couple of years earlier. Indonesia and Malaysia had had a three year long strained relationship – Konfrontasi (1963-66) – fuelled by President Sukarno’s


  • Conflict and Women: A Study of Kashmir Valley0

    Abstract: Through the twentieth century there has been a significant growth in the frequency of armed conflicts across the globe. These conflicts have not only led to widespread death but extensive displacement, fear, and economic devastation. Kashmir which is known as “Paradise on earth” has now become the “synonymous with death, destruction, and genocide.” The

  • Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem: Letting a genie out of the bottle0

    By James M. Dorsey US President Donald J. Trump has let a genie out of the bottle with his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and intent to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. In taking his decision, Mr. Trump was implementing long standing US policy dating back to the administrations of

  • Egyptian President Al-Sisi steps up repression to cover policy failure0

    By James M. Dorsey Egyptian general-turned-president Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi would likely be the first to admit that an iron fist is no guarantee for retaining power. Not because of the fate of the country’s longest ruling autocrat, Hosni Mubarak, who was toppled in 2011 by a popular revolt. But because Mr. Al-Sisi’s iron fist has

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  • The Rohingyas – Inside Myanmar’s Hidden Genocide, book review

    The scale and nature of the violence unleashed by the Myanmar authorities against the Rohingya have prompted a top United Nations official to describe the operation as a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing.” Human Rights Watch has concurred, and Amnesty International has called for an investigation into these criminal acts. The violence, underpinned by the

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