• Political Participation of the Indian Diaspora in the United Kingdom

    Political Participation of the Indian Diaspora in the United Kingdom0

    Emigration is a worldwide trend. According to the latest reports published by the United Nations, around 244 million people, i.e., 3.3% of the total population of world has emigrated to some other countries. The strength of Diaspora has been increasing more rapidly than the population itself. If migrants were a nation then they would have



    Indian media reports events in Kashmir these days, as if it is describing a cricket match, counting the death score every day. What is conspicuous is while the media reports the death score of the agitators, it is silent as far as the sufferings and death amongst the personnel in Kashmir police and Indian army

  • Maldives: Re-evaluating and re-positioning Maumoon Gayoom

    Maldives: Re-evaluating and re-positioning Maumoon Gayoom0

    Reports that at least seven or eight of the 53-member ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)-Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) combine in the 85-seat Parliament defied President Abdulla Yameen leadership’s whip to vote in favour of some controversial legislative measures in recent days should make Maldivian-watchers sit up. After two instances of alliance-partner Gasim Ibrahim’s Jumhooree


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  • Rohingya refugee crisis is a ticking time bomb

    Squalid and bulging refugee camps in Bangladesh risk morphing into epicenters of extremism similar to those seen in Palestine in the Middle East By Bertil Lintner    11 July 2019 Myanmar’s Rohingya refugee crisis, characterized by United Nations’ investigators as “ethnic cleansing” with possible “genocidal intent”, could finally be redounding on the country’s powerful and autonomous

  • Democratic Decline: Real or Imagined?

    by William Milam July 5, 2019 I have written much in the past few months about what academics have been calling “democratic decline” or what more recently some academics have renamed “autocratization.” No matter what one calls it, clearly there are a number of countries which have moved away from a more liberal democratic political

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