• What Lies Behind BJP’s Eager Support for Updating NRC in Assam0

    • Blog
    • January 14, 2018

    By Debarshi Das on 13/01/2018 Notwithstanding hopes in certain quarters, it is difficult to fathom what the mammoth and distressing exercise will deliver. A field-level officer re-verifying documents for upgradation of the National Register of Citizens. Credit: PTI The release of the first draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) has generated much heat

  • Modi and Netanyahu May Get Along Great, But There Are Serious Limitations to India-Israel Relations0

    • Blog
    • January 13, 2018

    By Talmiz Ahmad on 12/01/2018 The Israeli prime minister may want closer ties with India as the situation in Palestine deteriorates, but that’s not going to be easy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu. Credit: Twitter/PMO Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will commence his return visit to India on Sunday, January 14,

  • American aid cuts to Pakistan won’t change its policy toward terrorism0

    • Blog
    • January 11, 2018

    By Michael Kugelman,  01/12/18  © Getty Images On Thursday, the State Department announced a freeze on most of Washington’s security aid to Pakistan. The decision won’t torpedo the U.S.-Pakistan relationship, as a rupture in relations would more likely result from a more drastic measure, such as designating Pakistan as a state sponsor of terror. Still, a

  • Sri Lanka’s Local Government Polls: Time To Send Signals?0

    • Blog
    • January 11, 2018

    January 11, 2018 By Dr. S. I. Keethaponcalan Local Government (LG) bodies in Sri Lanka are one of the cornerstones of public administration and structure of the state. There are 341 local bodies including municipal councils, urban councils and pradeshiya sbhas (regional councils). Although local government bodies are primarily responsible for community-level operations, they provide

  • Pakistan’s Harba Naval Cruise Missile Test and Deterrence in the Indian Ocean0

    • Blog
    • January 11, 2018

    By Ahyousha Khan; January 10, 2018 The year 2017, ended with the commitment by Pakistan to acquire deterrence at all spectrums of threat. At the meeting of National Command and Control Authority, Pakistan resolved to a policy of Full Spectrum Deterrence, which is in line with the policy of Credible Minimum Deterrence. So, to validate

  • India turns deadly for journalists0

    By Nava Thakuria     January 1, 2017 As the year 2017 bids adieu, India finds itself in an awkward position with the annual statistics of 12 journalists either murdered or killed in suspicious situations. The populous country, known as the largest democracy in the globe, thus emerges as one of the hazardous places for media

  • Betting on the wrong horse? US and Iranian hardliners spin anti-government protests0

    • Blog
    • December 30, 2017

      By James M. Dorsey In supporting recent anti-government protests in Iran, both Iranian hardliners and the US State Department may want to be careful what they wish for. Not only are the protests unlikely to spark the kind of change either of the two adversaries may be hoping for, they also are refusing to

  • Strained Pak-US Ties: All is Not Lost0

    • Blog
    • December 29, 2017

    Ubaid Ahmed      29 December 2017 Pakistan has always desired and wanted sustainable peace, stability, and prosperity in the region. For that reason, it stayed pragmatic about the peace talks and chiefly the Afghan peace process for peace in Pakistan is bound to the peace and stability in Afghanistan. In any case, amid this


  • Iranian Protests Expose Contours Of Leadership In Muslim World0

      Credit: Iran Review January 12, 2018 By James M. Dorsey If week-long anti-government protests in Iran exposed the Islamic republic’s deep-seated economic and political problems, they also laid bare Saudi Arabia’s structural inability to establish itself as the leader of the Sunni Muslim world. The responses to the protests of major Sunni Muslim countries

  • Saudi sports: The dark side of Crown Prince Mohammed’s reforms0

    By James M. Dorsey      January 11, 2018 Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will be putting his best foot forward when enthusiastic women soccer fans this week attend for the first time a men’s soccer match in the kingdom. The event symbolizes the social and economic changes Prince Mohammed is introducing in his

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