• What did Bangladesh gain from Modi’s visit?0

    With at least 14 protestors dead, a resurgence of a conservative Islamic grouping, an angered West Bengal leader, it is unclear who gained from the Indian prime minister’s visit.   Kamal Ahmed April 2, 2021 Progressive student organisations take out a procession from Dhaka University on March 26, 2021 to protest against the Indian prime minister’s

  • Human rights in Sri Lanka: Why no moral stance on the question of genocide?0

    Prothom Alo Kamal Ahmed 24 Mar 2021 The Tamil prisoners were massacred in Welikade in July 1983. Colombo Telegraph It happened just as apprehended. Actually, there had been such speculations in Geneva, London and Geneva over the last few days. Bangladesh voted against the proposal to give the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

  • Maslin: The ancient fabric that no one knows how to make0

    THE LOST INDEX | INDIA BBC (Image credit: Drik/ Bengal Muslin) By Zaria Gorvett  16th March 2021 Nearly 200 years ago, Dhaka muslin was the most valuable fabric on the planet. Then it was lost altogether. How did this happen? And can we bring it back? I In late 18th-Century Europe, a new fashion led to an international

  • Anti-Modi Protests in Bangladesh0

    Clashes break out in Baitul Mukarram area Prothom Alo Staff Correspondent Dhaka 26 Mar 2021 Clashes break out at Baitul Mukarram areaHasan Raja Baitul Mukarram National Mosque area has turned into a battleground as clashes erupt between devotees and ruling party men on Friday afternoon. The clashes broke out as a section of devotees had

  • Now Reading Tibetans in Exile Facing New Challenges0

      2021/03/31, East Asia Forum East Asia Forum is a platform for analysis and research on politics, economics, business, law, security, international relations and society relevant to public policy, centred on the Asia Pacific region. It consists of an online publication and a quarterly magazine, East Asia Forum Quarterly, which aim to provide clear and

  • MAROONED IN THEIR MYTHS – If the partition of 1905 were allowed to stand0

    Ashok Mitra   |     |   Published 27.06.05, 12:00 AM The Bengali bhadralok and their id?es fixe are not easily parted. The current year marks a full century since the Bengal Presidency was divided by the British rulers and a new province, Eastern Bengal and Assam, was carved out. To Bengal?s then influential Hindu gentry, it was an affront and an omen. That most


  • India Faces Tests From Its Neighbors0

    Despite a border cease-fire with Pakistan, India faces a growing set of challenges in its backyard. BY MICHAEL KUGELMAN   APRIL 1, 2021 Welcome to Foreign Policy’s South Asia Brief. The highlights this week: India’s neighborhood challenges could undermine its influence, COVID-19 cases continue to rise in India and Pakistan, and Washington excludes Islamabad from a global climate summit. If you would like to

  • Hybrid Warfare: A New Face of Conflict in South Asia0

    by Amber Afreen Abid    3 April 2021 Hybrid warfare or hybrid threat seems to be the emerging modality in the changing nature of warfare.  In the nuclear era, more attention has been given to the sub-conventional conflicts, because of the lethality of the nuclear weapons; the deterrence being created by the nuclear-weapon states prevents

  • Indian Acquisition of 30 Predator Drones and Strategic Stability in South Asia0

    By Ahyousha Khan    3 April 2021 Quite recently, on March 12, 2021, the first-ever leaders’ summit of the Quadrilateral Framework was virtually held.  During this high-level summit, the leaders from the US, India, Japan, and Australia discussed the policy regarding Indo-Pacific; a region where all these four nations consider China as their common adversary.

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  • Searching for a Potemkin Village Opposition

    by William Milam April 9, 2021   “Potemkin village” is actually a term that originated in politics, and thus, for this article, a very appropriate term to describe one interesting recent, possibly rhetorical, sidestep in the authoritarian march of Sheikh Hasina and the Awami League government she runs. According to Wikipedia, a Potemkin Village is “any

  • Bangladesh: I am Zia Speaking

                       I am Zia Speaking  “In that case, we revolt,” Major Ziaur Rahman (March 25, 1971)    Zia is enmeshed in every paddy sheaf of Bangladesh. From every nook and corner, a voice continues to ring: I am Zia speaking.[I]   By R Chowdhury     25 March

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