• UN resolution slams Myanmar over rights violations0

    UNHRC member nations, China, Cuba and the Philippines voted against the resolution A Myanmar border guard policeman stands near a Rohingya Muslim family in a village during a government-organized visit for journalists in Buthidaung township in restive Rakhine State on Jan. 25. (Photo by Richard Sargent/AFP) John Zaw, Mandalay, Mandalay 25 March 2019 The United Nations

  • Modi’s Three Foreign Policy Wins0

    Ashley J. Tellis* 24 March 2019 Narendra Modi’s foreign policy style during the last five years has been dizzying. From whirlwind visits around the globe to stadium-packed appearances abroad to selfies and bear hugs with business glitterati and world leaders alike, he has left a distinctive mark on the international stage. Not bad for a

  • A climate migration crisis is escalating in Bangladesh0

    A climate migration crisis is escalating in Bangladesh Climate disruption is forcing entire communities from their homes across the globe, and perhaps no population is more imperiled than the people of Bangladesh. “Bangladesh is one of the world’s most vulnerable countries to climate change, and it’s experiencing a pretty wide range of impacts.”Tim McDonnell, writer,

  • Intimidation Nation – You Cannot Play Cricket Here0

    A recent attack on a Muslim family in Gurgaon shows how cricket has become yet another metaphor of internal partitions. Credit: Partha Dalal/Flickr Manash Firaq Bhattacharjee 25 March 2019 Where to play, or not to play cricket, has become a life-and-death question for Muslims in India.  A Muslim household in Gurgaon’s Dhamaspur village, who earn

  • Throwing Stones From Inside a Glass House – India’s Human Rights Record Since 20140

    For decades, India was seen as being on the right side of history. Under the incumbent government, our track record has changed dramatically. Representational image. Credit: Reuters Salil ShettyRights 25 March 2019 For nearly a whole month now, the government of India has been very concerned about the human rights situation in Pakistan. Pakistan’s record

  • Why The World Looks To New Zealand — And Not US0

    Cynthia Tucker March 23, 2019 The United States used to be the nation that others around the world admired — the trend-setter, the standard-bearer, the first among equals. But we’ve given away our place at the head of the table. Now those of us who long for a pluralistic democracy — where diversity is respected,


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  • Remembering Ziaur Rahman, the Leader that “lifted the nation to its feet”

    By Adil Khan   3 June 2021 Four decades ago, on 30th May 1981, Ziaur Rahman, the then president of Bangladesh who was popularly known as “General Zia” was murdered, aged 45, in a military coup in the port city of Chittagong. Ziaur Rahman, a valiant freedom fighter took over the leadership of Bangladesh in 1976

  • Bangladesh: When journalism is criminalised

    Rozina Islam has been arrested for a standard journalistic practice in Bangladesh — she should be applauded, not prosecuted. David Bergman May 20, 2021 Rozina Islam, a senior journalist from the leading newspaper Prothom Alo is taken to jail on 18th May 2011 following a court hearing after being detained by the police for alleged

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