• Rohingya: UN takes a cautious step forward in Myanmar0

    BY    Aaron L Connelly     @ConnellyAL      7 June 2018 For months, Myanmar has sought a deal with the United Nations, to validate its assertions that is prepared to facilitate the “safe, voluntary, and dignified return” of Rohingya refugees in camps in Bangladesh. In an arrangement struck late Thursday night, two UN agencies agreed

  • The tragic attraction of fundamentalism0

    All religious traditions seem to favor compliance and stability over enquiry and dissent Supporters of India’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) celebrate election results outside the party headquarters in New Delhi on May 15. (Photo by Money Sharma/AFP) Father Myron Pereira, Mumbai India June 6, 2018 “The 21st century will be religious, or it will not

  • Religion and Conflict: The Myth of Inevitable Collision0

    By Paul Hedges      6/6/2018 Synopsis The recent attacks on churches in Indonesia may spark renewed concern that religious differences are inevitably contentious if not leading outright to violence. However, history suggests that harmonious coexistence is the norm. Commentary LEAVING ASIDE the almost unimaginable spectacle of parents taking, even training, their children to die

  • Why Bangladesh feared Indian invasion after 1975 coup0

    By B.Z. Khasru Bangladesh President Ziaur Rahman with U.S. President Jimmy Carter on the White House grounds in August 1980. On 26 November 1975, Zia told U.S envoy Irving G. Cheslaw that he feared an Indian military invasion in a few days and asked that America put pressure on India to stop this madness. India

  • Bangladesh: Yaba invasion -1: Hostage to Myanmar0

      Daily Star; Bangladesh May 12, 2018 Inam Ahmed and Shakhawat Liton       It’s called crazy medicine. Produced in Myanmar, the dangerous drug very easily crosses the border and reaches cities, towns and villages of Bangladesh through various channels — sometimes in full knowledge of law enforcers. It now seems unstoppable and is poised

  • Bangladesh: Tea Seller Complains Police Threatened to Kill Her0

      By Kamran Reza Chowdhury on Jun 05, 2018  A woman who operates a tea stall in Bangladesh’s capital has filed a complaint in court against four police officers who, she alleges, vandalized her business and threatened to kill her unless she paid a bribe. Maksuda Begum, 50, who sells tea on a footpath in


  • Cologne Declaration on The Rohingya Crisis and Solution0

    By Habib Siddiqui       10/5/2018   Cologne Declaration on The Rohingya Crisis and Solution [Forwarded by Habib Siddiqui, a participant to the conference in Germany] Preamble: Humans’ right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness are inalienable These rights cannot be usurped nor can they be violated by any government, people, or community. Perpetrators

  • Global Trends of Maritime Piracy0

      Muhammad Abbas Hassan Maritime transport is the backbone of international trade and the global economy. Around 80 percent of global trade by volume and over 70 percent of global trade by value are carried by sea and are handled by ports worldwide. These shares are even higher in the case of most developing countries.

  • Sri Lanka; Bench-marking Cabinet berths!0

    Sathiya Moorthy,  10 May 2018  In London recently for the Commonwealth Summit, President Maithiripala Sirisena was reported to have told the BBC Sinhala channel that those selected for Cabinet positions ‘must not only be acceptable locally but also internationally’. Though the question reportedly pertained to the choice for Law and Order Minister, the President was quoted as

  • Playing US sanctions: China walks a fine line in Iran0

    By James M. Dorsey      10/5/2018 Chinese businessman Sheng Kuan Li didn’t worry about sanctions when he decided in 2010 to invest $200 million in a steel mill in Iran that started producing ingots and billet within months of the lifting of punitive measures against the Islamic republic as part of 2015 international nuclear


    N. S. Venkataraman        9/5/2018 It is reported that Pakistan’s army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has recognized that way to peace and prosperity in Pakistan is through cooperation with India. U K based think tank Royal Unites Services Institute (RUSI) has said in its analytical report that the Pakistan army chief made

  • Myanmar: Journalists are treated as enemies of state0

    M A Hossain       9/5/2018 A mock defender of democracy, human rights and freedom of expression, Aung San Suu Kyi, had already shown her real face. Myanmar arrested Reuters journalist Wa Longe and Kyaw Soe Oo for the ‘crime’ of exposing the murder of 10 Rohingya Muslims by the monstrous army of that country.

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  • Bangladesh: Will this country become Pakistan or Kashmir?

      1. A political group is spreading the perception that the country will again become Pakistan if Awami League loses control of Bangladesh. They even suggested a label “Banglastan” for this supposed nation which transforms into an improvised Pakistan in the East. But symptomatically it appears to become another Kashmir, or in a classical sense

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