• The Shepherd’s Son Stirring Lower-Caste Unrest in Modi’s India0

    By Aayush Soni • AUG 10 2018 Why you should care He’s a leading — and uncomfortable — voice on behalf of his country’s lower-born.Telangana view map 35,286,757Population Telugu, UrduSpoken Languages $8903GDP Per Capita HyderabadCapital City Geo facts & figures Kancha Ilaiah was in middle school when he was first made aware of his caste. When

    By OZY
  • Bangladesh’s Ruling Party Signs MoU with China’s Communist Party0

    Pulack Ghatack Dhaka 2019-03-21 Officials from the Chinese Communist Party and Bangladesh’s Awami League exchange copies of a memorandum of understanding on boosting cooperation between the leading political parties of the two countries, in Dhaka, March 21, 2019. Representatives of Bangladesh’s Awami League (AL) and the Communist Party of China (CPC) signed the first-ever memorandum

  • BJP perverting Hinduism for electoral victory0

    By Bhim BhurtelMarch 21, 2019 The Hindutva policy of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s right-wing Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) has been debauching the Hindu religion to attract votes from the Hindu population as the world’s largest functioning democracy is set to hold a general election for the Lok Sabha (lower house of Parliament) in seven phases from April

  • Myanmar military’s massacre denial complex0

    By Phelim KineMarch 21, 2019 “Trust us.” That’s the implicit message in the Myanmar military’s announcement this week of the creation of an “investigation court” to probe the state-backed mass violence targeted at the country’s Muslim Rohingya population in August 2017. The announcement on the website of the Office of the Commander in Chief of Defense

  • Kashmir: Death of school principal in police custody sparks protests in Awantipora0

    The family of Rizwan Pandit, who was picked up from his home by the police on Sunday, say they heard of his death via social media. by Safwat Zargar 19 March 2019 Asadullah Pandit’s family was spending just another Sunday evening at their home in Awantipora in South Kashmir on March 17, when they heard a

  • Indian Court Acquits Four Men Accused in Deadly 2007 Train Bombing0

    By Kai SchultzMarch 20, 2019 NEW DELHI — An Indian court on Wednesday acquitted four men accused of involvement in a 2007 train bombing that killed 68 people, most of them Pakistanis, saying there was insufficient evidence to prove a conspiracy. The defendants included an Indian monk charged but acquitted in earlier attacks targeting Muslim


  • Dark Clouds of Islamism Over Pakistan0

    Dr. Nasir Khan, December 19, 2017 Islam, in Pakistan, has transformed from a multidimensional universal religion into an ossified and stilted cult of Islamism. How this happened has a historical context, beginning in 1947 when Pakistan emerged as a new state. The division of India at the end of the British Raj was only possible

  • What’s the UN doing to Stopping Genocide of the Rohingyas of Myanmar?0

    By Habib Siddiqui One of the sinister methods employed to justify genocide has been to deny the history of the targeted victims. And that is what the criminal Buddhists within the apartheid state of Myanmar has been doing for nearly 70 years since earning independence from Britain on January 4, 1948. Instead of carrying out

  • Trading Jerusalem for Iran0

    By James M. Dorsey US president Donald J. Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem potentially sets the stage for a controversial American effort to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict backed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The United States and the two Gulf states see a US peace plan-in-the-making as a way of paving the way

  • Understanding Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah: Politics & Role0

    Abstract Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, the saint politician of the valley, was one of the famous leaders of modern India. He was not only the most dominating political figure of modern Jammu & Kashmir State, but he played a significant role in shaping the post-1947 sub-continental politics. His contribution as a political leader is so great,

  • US-Saudi nuclear talks: A barometer for whither the Middle East?0

      By James M. Dorsey December 14, 2017 Talks aimed at transferring US nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia serve as an indicator of where the Saudi-Iranian rivalry is heading as well as the strength of the informal Saudi-Israeli alliance against Iran. The possible transfer could spark a new arms race in the Middle East and

  • The moral questions in the debate on what constitutes terrorism0

    Who is a terrorist? Evan McCaffrey/ Jessica Wolfendale, West Virginia University Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old man, has been accused of detonating a pipe bomb strapped to his body in a New York subway, injuring four people on the morning of Dec. 11. The Joint Terrorism Task Force is investigating the attack and New York Mayor

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  • Bangladesh: Torture, Custodial Deaths, and Unfair Trials after the 2009 Mutiny of the Bangladesh Rifles “The Fear Never Leaves Me” “The Fear Never Leaves Me” Map of Bangladesh Map of BDR Pilkhana Headquarters, Dhaka Summary Methodology I. The Bangladesh Rifles II. The February 25-26 Mutiny III. Abuses against Suspected Mutineers IV. Due Process and Fair Trials Concerns V. Recommendations Acknowledgements DOWNLOADS Download the full report Download the report in


    by William Milam     February 19, 2021 Just when I thought I had witnessed the ultimate in political hypocrisy at the end of Donald Trump’s historic and depressing impeachment trial, Sheikh Hasina – the prime minister of Bangladesh – has restored my faith that South Asian politicians can match any politician anywhere on the hypocrisy

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