• Deep sea fishing seems working to ease off issues with Sri Lanka0

    N Sathiya Moorthy 17 May 2017 Barring stray and uninformed political demands to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take up the fishers’ row with his hosts during his Sri Lanka visit last week, southern Tamil Nadu coast was mostly silent on what was a sensitive, livelihood issue. This was because of the clear signs of a fast-tracked

  • Bangladesh: Chikungunya epidemic, a flu-like malaise but deadlier0

    Stung By Chikungunya Disease: Know the Signs A serious case of the tropical disease “chikungunya” has now been found in Bangladesh. Chikungunya is a debilitating, mosquito-borne virus typically found in hot, tropical areas. It is not deadly but can leave victims unable to function in a normal way for days or even weeks on end.

  • India: First underground metro train line inaugurated in Chennai0

    -Dr. Abdul Ruff The much anticipated underground line of Chennai Metro Rail opened to the public on the 14th May, making the city the fourth in the country to launch such a facility after Kolkata, Delhi and Bengaluru. The line will cover a distance of eight kilometers from Nehru Park to Koyambedu, through tunnels and

  • Escalating the war in Afghanistan would be the wrong decision0

    By Michael Kugelman Michael Kugelman is deputy director and senior associate for South Asia with the Asia Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center. The views expressed here are his own. (CNN)In recent days, with Afghanistan’s Taliban insurgency continuing to gain steam and America’s longest war staggering through its 16th year, analysts have started invoking the

  • Conflict in the Middle East threatens Pakistan and lynchpin of China’s One Belt, One Road0

      By James M. Dorsey Increasingly caught up in the Middle East’s multiple conflicts, Pakistan is struggling to balance relations with rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran amid concern in Islamabad that potential US-Saudi efforts to destabilize the Islamic republic could turn its crucial province of Balochistan, a lynchpin in China’s One Belt, One Road initiative,

  • CPEC in the Impending OBOR Summit0

    The inaugural Belt and Road Summit was organized on May 18, 2016 under the theme of “Navigating a World of New Opportunities through Hong Kong” by the government of Hong Kong special Administrative Region, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce and the People’s Bank


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