• India: Narrow Assamese identity thrives amid shameful citizenship process0

    Indian Muslims rally in Kolkata against the Assam government and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to demand the immediate withdrawal of the National Register of Citizens on July 31, 2018. Photo: Debajyoti Chakraborty / NurPhoto / AFP By Suraj Gogoi January 9, 2019 If one rewinds their memory to a few years back, a very

  • Pakistan’s new Chinese-built frigate is no game changer0

    Experts say Islamabad’s new vessel will not alter the balance of power and India has far superior naval power By Emanuele Scimia January 9, 2019 A Chinese Navy Type 054A frigate enters the port of Havana on November 10, 2015. Work on Pakistan’s first Chinese frigate has now started. Photo: AFP/Yamil Lage The first of

  • India’s Lower House Passes Controversial Citizenship Bill0

    By Jaishree Balasubramanian and Jhumur Deb on Jan 08, 2019 03:20 pm India’s lower house of parliament passed a controversial bill Tuesday that would grant citizenship to Hindus and other non-Muslims facing faith-based persecution in Bangladesh and other Islamic majority neighboring countries. The passage of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill ignited protests in northeastern India by

  • Taliban Calls Off Peace Talks In Qatar With U.S. Officials0

    January 08, 2019 By RFE/RL’s Radio Free Afghanistan KABUL — Afghan Taliban representatives say they have called off two days of peace talks with U.S. officials in Qatar, just hours after they had announced the talks would take place without any delegates from Afghanistan’s government. A Taliban representative in Afghanistan had told Reuters early on

  • A new era dawns for Pakistan-Turkey relations0

    A new era dawns for Pakistan-Turkey relations – Asia Times Two strong leaders met to reaffirm the century-old friendship between their brotherly nations in Ankara on  January 4. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is a brave, honest and visionary leader who has deep feelings about the oppression of the global Muslim community, or ummah. In his

  • India: Thousands protest controversial citizenship bill in India’s Assam0

     AFP January 07, 2019 Thousands in northeastern India protested on Monday against a proposal to grant citizenship to religious minorities in the region, except Muslims, with critics attacking the bill as prejudiced and a sop to Hindus before elections. Protesters burned copies of the legislation in angry marches across Assam state, where millions have settled in


  • Geo-economic Significance of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

    Geo-economic Significance of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank0

    Since the dawn of civilization, except for the last 250 years, Asia had half the world’s wealth and two centres of gravity – China and India. With Asia estimated to possess two-thirds of global GPD in 2050, because of favourable demographics India has the potential to overtake the United States and once again become the

  • Pakistan’s Promises Will Remain Unfulfilled

    Pakistan’s Promises Will Remain Unfulfilled0

    Pakistan remains unwilling to change the substance of its policy on terrorism even as it tries to reassure the international community that it is ready for a drastic transformation. Several recent developments affirm the Pakistani military’s belief that cosmetic changes or words alone will suffice to convince others, especially the U.S., that Pakistan is serious

  • Three Ways on How ISIS Can Make Inroads in South Asia

    Three Ways on How ISIS Can Make Inroads in South Asia0

      Recent weeks have brought a bevy of news headlines attesting to the rising profile of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in South Asia. The group’s literature has circulated in Pakistan, and its flags have been spotted in Kashmir. Several Pakistani militant commanders expressed their allegiance to ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Alleged

  • Flashpoints from Indo-US Nuclear Deal for Business

    Flashpoints from Indo-US Nuclear Deal for Business0

    The India-U.S. nuclear agreement represents a $17 billion opportunity for Indian business. It will also help India secure fuel for its indigenous reactors, and contribute to cheap and plentiful energy. But a major concern remains—will these projects be efficiently executed? With the U.S.-India nuclear agreement clearing two major hurdles on 25 January—civil nuclear liability and

  • Bangladesh: Comprehensive Response Required to Complex Displacement Crisis

    Bangladesh: Comprehensive Response Required to Complex Displacement Crisis0

    Executive summary During the 20th century, millions of people were forced to flee their homes in what is now Bangladesh. They were displaced both within the territory and to neighbouring areas by different triggers. As of January 2015, IDMC estimates that at least 431,000 people were displaced in the country as a result of conflict

  • What Obama Wants From India

    What Obama Wants From India0

      After George W. Bush, Barack Obama becomes the second US president to bet big on India. He may be the first who won’t be disappointed. Presidents of the United States do not generally change the date of their State of the Unionaddress. This year, US President Barack Obama did so because he will be

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  • Myanmar: Is it time for the West to Engage The United Wa State Army?

    Many regional observers suggest that China directs a well-trained, motivated, disciplined proxy army of 30,000 soldiers controlling territory with major cities; agriculture, mining, and industry. At one time this group was considered to be the number one producer of heroin in the world. They now appear to be a global leader in the manufacture Amphetamine

  •  The Rising Scourge of Linguistic corruption in Bangladesh

    By Dr Obaidul Hamid     16 September 2020 In Bangladesh, corruption meaning deliberate financial misuse and misappropriation needs no new debate. For several years in a row, Transparency International has consistently ranked Bangladesh as one among 10 most corrupt countries in the world. What about linguistic corruption? Not many in Bangladesh are aware of the

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