• Is the World A Prisoner of Dead Conscious or Naked Opportunism?

    Is the World A Prisoner of Dead Conscious or Naked Opportunism?0

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    • November 16, 2016

    Myanmar’s On-Going Muslim Persecution In its November 14, 2016, issue the Bangkok Post reports, “Myanmar’s Rakhine state was hit by fresh waves of violence over the weekend with more than 30 ‘insurgents’ killed during two days of fighting, the military said, as proof emerged of atrocities against villagers.” Reporting on the same incident Myanmar Observer

  • Burma: Rohingya Are Being Destroyed, ‘Full Security And Protection’ Most Urgent

    Burma: Rohingya Are Being Destroyed, ‘Full Security And Protection’ Most Urgent0

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    • November 16, 2016

    Arakan Rohingya National Organisation strongly condemns the mass killing and torture murder, rape, plundering and wholesome destruction of Rohingya people and their properties, homes and villages in Northern Arakan since 9 October. From November 12, the Myanmar armed forces have intensified combined military and police crackdown on the ordinary Rohingya villagers using helicopter gunships, tanks

  • Kashmir’s new Uprising: Death of Indian Narratives

    Kashmir’s new Uprising: Death of Indian Narratives0

    The current Uprising termed by some as “Kashmir’s New-Intifada” has completed its hundred days. The death toll reached over a hundred, the number of injured crossed fifteen thousand and some eleven hundred youth lost either full or partial eyesight. More than six thousand people have been arrested so far. Separatist Leaders have also been put

  • Kashmir: Into the Fire

    Kashmir: Into the Fire0

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    • November 14, 2016

    Since seven decades we are witnessing a struggle for freedom by people of Indian-occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IOK). They have been suppressed mercilessly with curfews, arrests, Lathi charge, tear gas, rubber bullets by more than half a million Indian military troops. It seems torturing Kashmiris has become a favorite model for Indian paramilitary forces. During

  • Donald Trump’s Defence Plans and Implications for Asia

    Donald Trump’s Defence Plans and Implications for Asia0

    As US President-elect Donald Trump is preparing to secure his seat in The White House, international observers and many of his fellow countrymen are busy trying to understand the complex and unpredictable dynamic that has been the unusual characteristic of these American presidential elections. For security analysts the world over, political rhetoric matters little when

  • Unfolding Nuclear Supplier Group

    Unfolding Nuclear Supplier Group0

    In the early 70’s Indian tests created unrest in the Asian region. These experiments by Indians forced the international community to make a regulatory body to keep a check on nuclear business in the name of Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG). Since the beginning of this year, this NSG debate is getting INTO more despicable situation

  • Whose Trump?

    Whose Trump?0

    It’s surprising that much of America and all of the rest of the world seems surprised at Donald Trump’s election as the next US President. Barring party-partisan Americans, there should have been no surprise at the result. Either it had to be America’s first woman President, or had to be an ‘unconventional’ man who appealed

  • Myanmar and its Militias

    Myanmar and its Militias0

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    • November 12, 2016

    In late August, over 1,000 representatives from Myanmar’s ethnic armed organizations (EAOs), political parties, military, and the government met in Naypyidaw for the second Union Peace Conference, dubbed the 21st Century Panglong (in reference to a meeting held at Panglong located in Burma’s Shan State in 1947 between the leaders of Burman, Shan, Kachin, and


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