• Why The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Will Worsen Tensions in Southern Asia0

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    • September 30, 2017

    Daniel Markey September 28, 2017 For special access to experts and other members of the national security community, check out the new War on the Rocks membership. Editor’s Note: This is the ninth installment of “Southern (Dis)Comfort,” a new series from War on the Rocks and the Stimson Center. The series seeks to unpack the dynamics

  • Why Are the Armed Forces in Kashmir Plagued by so Many Suicides and Fratricides?0

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    • September 30, 2017

    By Majid Maqbool on 29/09/2017 Stress, the daily threat of violence, issues their families are facing at home and long hours are pushing jawans to the brink, triggering the need for preventive measures. According to the Centre, 597 armed forces personnel committed suicide between 2009 and 2013. Credit: Danish Ismail/Reuters/ Files Srinagar: On Friday, a Central

  • UN chief urges Myanmar to end military operations in Rohingya crisis0

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    • September 29, 2017

    António Guterres warns that crisis is a breeding ground for radicalisation, criminals and traffickers, and risks creating international tension    UN secretary general António Guterres addresses the security council meeting on Myanmar. Photograph: Bebeto Matthews/AP Thursday 28 September 2017 18.49 EDTFirst published on Thursday 28 September 2017 18.34 EDT The UN secretary general, António Guterres, has urged Myanmar’s authorities


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    • September 29, 2017

      Reviewer: Abdul Majid Zargar Book: Kashmir Exposing the myth behind the narrative  Author: Khalid Bashir Ahmad  Publisher: Sage Publications Price: 595 INR ISBN: 9386062801 Genre: Non-Fiction | History By Abdul Majid Zargar The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic (John Kennedy). A myth is a


  • Rohingya crisis: this is what genocide looks like0

    Alicia de la Cour Venning, Queen Mary University of London The world is witnessing a state-orchestrated humanitarian catastrophe on the Myanmar-Bangladesh border. The latest UN figures show a staggering 370,000 Rohingya have fled into Bangladesh since August 25. An unknown number have perished. Around 26,000 non-Muslims have also been displaced. This is just the latest

  • Signs of hope in the Middle East? Don’t hold your breath0

      By James M. Dorsey Optimists see hopeful signs that the Middle East may be exiting from a dark tunnel of violence, civil war, sectarian strife, and debilitating regional rivalries. The Islamic State (IS) is on the cusp of territorial defeat in Syria and Iraq. Saudi Arabia may be groping for an exit from its

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