• Sri Lanka: Leveraging The Politics Of Geography0

    By Asanga Abeyagoonasekera Rural Hambantota was once best known thanks to featuring in a book by Leonard Woolf in the early 20th century, and now, as a port shaping Sri Lankan politics. Woolf’s Village in the Jungle was the first novel in English literature to be written from an indigenous perspective rather than a coloniser’s.

  • In Afghanistan, Keep Your Eye on the Exit0

    August 25, 2017 | Ambassador Richard Boucher The President’s announcement of his strategy for Afghanistan opens a new era for the 16-year war, yet most of the rhetoric and strategy matches that of two previous administrations. He identified broad goals such as “winning” against terrorists and building a capable Afghan government not necessarily one made

  • The US Has Shown Its Teeth With Trump’s Afghanistan Policy, but Can It Bite?0

    By Mohammad Taqi on 23/08/2017 If implemented, the new policy will likely lead to confrontation with nuclear-armed Pakistan, but that does not mean the US should shy away from holding Islamabad’s feet to the fire. US President Donald Trump announces His Afghanistan Policy. Credit: Reuters Donald Trump, the 45th US president and the third one to preside


    President Trump has said that he would expect greater role by India in Afghanistan, even as the USA is involved in a protracted war in Afghanistan for many years now. Many American soldiers have lost their lives in Afghanistan, even as the end of the war in Afghanistan is nowhere in sight. Obviously, Trump and


  • Bangladesh: Comprehensive Response Required to Complex Displacement Crisis

    Bangladesh: Comprehensive Response Required to Complex Displacement Crisis0

    Executive summary During the 20th century, millions of people were forced to flee their homes in what is now Bangladesh. They were displaced both within the territory and to neighbouring areas by different triggers. As of January 2015, IDMC estimates that at least 431,000 people were displaced in the country as a result of conflict

  • What Obama Wants From India

    What Obama Wants From India0

      After George W. Bush, Barack Obama becomes the second US president to bet big on India. He may be the first who won’t be disappointed. Presidents of the United States do not generally change the date of their State of the Unionaddress. This year, US President Barack Obama did so because he will be


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