• Bangladesh: Voter Turnout0

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    • December 28, 2018

    Bangladeshi PM Sheikh Hasina is aiming to secure an unprecedented fourth term in the nation’s 11th general election on Dec. 30, 2018. 2018-12-28 Tanmoy/BenarNews Related Stories Bangladesh Polls: Putting the Brakes On Neighbors Betting on Bangladesh Vote Bangladesh Polls: Free and Fair? Bangladesh: Campaign Season Bangladesh: Opposition Leader Blocked from Contesting Upcoming Election Bangladesh: BNP

  • Bangladesh election: Sheikh Hasina heads for tainted victory0

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    • December 28, 2018

    Prime minister presides over burgeoning economy but is accused of holding onto power partly by jailing, disappearing or silencing opposition Michael Safi, south Asia correspondent Thu 27 Dec 2018 The Guardian Bangladesh’s prime minister Sheikh Hasina speaks ahead of Sunday’s election, which has been described as the ‘most-stifled’ in half a century. Photograph: STR/AFP/Getty Images

  • Why Bangladesh is the mirror image of Pakistan0

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    • December 28, 2018

    Former Chief Justice of Bangladesh Surendra Sinha lives in exile because of threats from the Hasina governmentBy Sonia Sarkar   23 December 2018    Telegraph India Far away from home in the United States, the former Chief Justice of Bangladesh, Surendra Kumar Sinha, stays abreast of all news related to the home elections scheduled for December 30.

  • China’s Balochistan problem0

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    • December 28, 2018

    On Tuesday, news broke that Aslam Baloch, the mastermind of the recent attack on the Chinese Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan, had been killed in a suicide attack in Afghanistan. While no group has accepted responsibility for the attack, the greatest celebrations were seen among Pakistani military officials, the country’s right-wing media, and centrist politicians. One senator

  • Opposition parties hit by harassment in lead-up to Bangladesh poll0

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    • December 27, 2018

    Opposition candidates say supporters and officials from the ruling Awami League government have attacked them and destroyed their capacity to campaign for the election By Faisal Mahmud December 27, 2018   Asia Times Supporters hang posters of an Awami League election candidate in a street in Dhaka on December 24, 2018. More than 100 million

  • Indo-Pacific Concept: Juggling for Clarity0

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    • December 27, 2018

    No. 216/2018 dated 27 December 2018 By Nazia Hussain; S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies SYNOPSIS There is no consensus on what the Indo-Pacific concept will cover. It is not clear what kind of structure is needed for such an Indo-Pacific construct. Nevertheless, the main protagonists behind the Indo-Pacific concept continue their diplomatic efforts to


  • What Obama Wants From India

    What Obama Wants From India0

      After George W. Bush, Barack Obama becomes the second US president to bet big on India. He may be the first who won’t be disappointed. Presidents of the United States do not generally change the date of their State of the Unionaddress. This year, US President Barack Obama did so because he will be

  • Optimistic, But also Realistic about U.S.-India Relations

    Optimistic, But also Realistic about U.S.-India Relations0

    It pays to be optimistic about U.S.-India relations, but also realistic. One year ago, the Devyani Khobragade affair plunged the U.S.-India relationship into deep crisis. Then, several months later, Indians elected a new national leader who had effectively been banned from visiting the United States in years past. Given these troubles, the progress in bilateral

  • Religion, Politics and Violence: Paris, Across the World to South Asia

    Religion, Politics and Violence: Paris, Across the World to South Asia0

      Massacre of hundreds of children in Peshawar by Pakistani Taliban, the atrocities: murders-kidnappings by Boko Haram, an Islamist group and the attack on Paris cartoon magazine Charlie Hadbo killing 16, have occurred in a short span of few months. The popular perception of relationship between violence and Islam got a further boost. The phrase

  • Sri Lanka: Will Rajapaksa Return?

    Sri Lanka: Will Rajapaksa Return?0

      It was hopped that the Madamulana Reich had fallen and that a new leader had come to power as I predicted moment after the announcement was made by a then minister, now the President, of his willingness to be the Common Candidate. Defeating the Rajapaksa administration, or Madamulana ‘Reich’ was the result of collective

  • India’s Journey of Emissions Reduction in 2015

    India’s Journey of Emissions Reduction in 20150

      The Policy Outlook Indian policymakers have long used India’s poverty as an excuse to not take concrete action on climate change. Limiting carbon emissions is a costly proposition, they argue, and these costs will impede development and push the common man further into poverty. As a result, unlike the developed countries of the west,

  • Strengthening Right to Information in South Asia0

    All eyes were on Kathmandu last week as Nepal hosted the 18th annual SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) Summit from Nov. 22-27, 2014. The annual meeting, convening the heads of state of the eight member nations – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka – focused this year on the

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  • Eid Mubarak

    Eid Mubarak

  • Neighbours challenge political Hindutva’s Ram agenda

    N Sathiya Moorthy  24 July 2020 Indian claims to the Ram story and ownership could be challenged from more places than one, says N Sathiya  Moorthy.  Nepal Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli’s recent diatribe that the birthplace of Hindu god Ram is located in his country and not in Ayodhya, need not be a

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