• In the Tri-Junction Entanglement, What Does Bhutan Want?0

    By P. Stobdan on 11/07/2017 People in Bhutan seem to think it is time to resolve the dispute with China once and for all, without pandering to Indian interests. The Tashichhoedzong in Thumpu, where the Bhutan civil government sits. Credit: Christopher J. Fynn/CC BY-SA 3.0 As the India-China standoff persists, the key question is where Bhutan

  • Wigneswaran Fronting For Ananthi?0

    Sathiya Moorthy In  hindsight, the question now arises if the entire Northern Provincial ministers-sack drama was enacted only to bring in the controversial and even more rebellious Ananthi Sasitharan into the Government, that too over the head of the ruling TNA-ITAK’s moderate leadership? If that was not the case, still the fact remains, Ananthi is

  • Gulf crisis: A case study for the future of international relations0

    By James M. Dorsey The five-week-old Gulf crisis raises questions about the fundaments of international relations, the definition of national security, and the ability of small states to chart an independent course that are likely to be debated long after Gulf states have buried their hatchets. The crisis that pits a Saudi-UAE-led alliance against Qatar


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