• A ‘Rajapaksa manifesto’ for presidential polls0

    by N. Sathiya Moorthy 16 April 2019 In a recent interview to Colombo-based Daily Mirror, Basil Rajapaksa has set out what can pass for a ‘Rajapaksa manifesto’ for the presidential polls due by December – followed by an immediate ‘political agenda for the nation. Without mincing words, he declared thus: “We wish to see Mahinda Rajapaksa

  • India readies to national polls0

    By Nava Thakuria 15 April 2019 India, known as the largest democracy in the world, goes to national elections in which over 900 million voters will participate in the biggest electoral exercise through electronic voting machines (EVM), an unique experienced for the human race. The seven-phase general elections starting from 11 April to 19 May

  • India: Shady Military Missions & Unnecessary Glorification of the Armed Forces0

    by Gaurav Tyagi 10 April 2019 Professor Ram Gopal Yadav an Indian politician belonging to the Samajwadi Party and a member of Rajya Sabha (Upper House of Indian Parliament) said on March 21st that the Pulwama terror attack on CRPF (Central Reserve Police Personnel) on 14th February was an act carried out by Modi government.

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