• Pakistan’s hopes for an energy pipeline with Iran evaporate0

    Escalating tensions between the US and Iran end Pakistan’s hopes for Iran pipeline with Chinese or Russian involvement By Zafar Iqbal, Islamabad 2 July 2019 The shooting down of a US drone by Iran has had some unintended consequences for Pakistan. Desperate for more energy security, while its economy is in the doldrums, Pakistan was

  • India staring at a water apocalypse0

    South Asia is rapidly losing water and faces a grim future By Saikat Datta, New Delhi A combination of climate change, bad policies and political apathy is steadily pushing India into a catastrophic water crisis that threatens stability in South Asia. Recent studies document that glaciers feeding the Indian subcontinent’s rivers will recede rapidly, while

  • India: Before mob violence becomes populist rhetoric: Individualize Tabrez’s story, do not just reduce him to a statistic0

    Tabrez is much more than a statistic of mob lynching. We need to individualize his story, go into each detail of the incident and hold the perpetrators responsible.  02-07-2019 SHIV VISVANATHAN@shivvisvanathan As an old-fashioned storyteller, I sometimes rebel against the way violence is reported and narrated. The report assumes the epidemic nature of violence and


  • Iran’s Chabahar port is where Asian and Middle Eastern rivalries collide0

    By James M. Dorsey      27/6/2018 Iran’s Indian-back port of Chabahar, inaugurated months before the United States re-imposed sanctions on the Islamic republic, is where Asia and the Middle East’s multiple political conflicts and commercial rivalries collide. Chabahar was destined to become a player in geopolitical and economic manoeuvring between China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan,

  • Sri lanka: ‘Machang’, Whither 30/1 now?0

      N Sathiya Moorthy, Colombo 26 June 2018 Responding to a blogger, who addressed him as ‘Machang’ in Sinhala, Atul Keshap, outgoing US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, used the same Buddy slang and said that if we responded to every inaccurate news story that appears, we would have little time for anything else. The reference of course

  • Why is the world bending over backward for Indo centric US interests?0

    by Uzge Saleem      25/6/2018 There are no permanent friends nor permanent enemies in the international order there is only time confined strategic partners or allies which change with the ever-changing interests and concerns of a state. This pattern has both, a positive and a negative side to it. The state being favored at

  • Bangladesh – the face of endemic corruption0

    By Habib Siddiqui          25/6/2018 I arrived in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka last week via the Emirates Airlines. Since the death of my mother some three years ago, I have been visiting Bangladesh more frequently. This latest visit is planned for an extended stay, almost three months so that I could spend some

  • Malaysia type political ‘earthquake’ awaits for Bangladesh0

    by M A Hossain       25/6/2018 As per the advice of the policymakers of Delhi’s south block, the current autocratic and corruption-plagued government in Bangladesh are determined in holding another fraudulent election with the active collaboration of its loyalist election commission, law enforcing and security agencies as well as some of the opportunist senior


    by N.S. Venkataraman         25/6/2018 The unrest and terrorist acts in Kashmir have been continuing for several years now. It appears that those, who want to split Kashmir from India by waging violent war with the tacit support of international terrorist outfits, have now become more bold and determined. No country in the

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