• Bangladesh: Yaba invasion -1: Hostage to Myanmar0

      Daily Star; Bangladesh May 12, 2018 Inam Ahmed and Shakhawat Liton       It’s called crazy medicine. Produced in Myanmar, the dangerous drug very easily crosses the border and reaches cities, towns and villages of Bangladesh through various channels — sometimes in full knowledge of law enforcers. It now seems unstoppable and is poised

  • Bangladesh: Tea Seller Complains Police Threatened to Kill Her0

      By Kamran Reza Chowdhury on Jun 05, 2018  A woman who operates a tea stall in Bangladesh’s capital has filed a complaint in court against four police officers who, she alleges, vandalized her business and threatened to kill her unless she paid a bribe. Maksuda Begum, 50, who sells tea on a footpath in

  • VOA Exclusive: Pakistan Mulls Blocking US Supply Lines Into Afghanistan0

    Last Updated: May 31, 2018 12:50 PM Ayaz Gul FILE – Pakistan Foreign Minister Khurram Dastgir Khan speaks during the Conference on International Security. ISLAMABAD — Pakistan says it is reassessing strained ties with the United States, a move that could lead to halting supply lines into Afghanistan where American troops are fighting insurgents to stabilize

  • Modi Wants India to be a Trans-shipment Hub. But Can it Beat Sri Lanka and Singapore?0

    A number of factors will limit India’s ambitions. What the change in shipping policy does though is help foreign firms while potentially impacting the revenue of local shipping lines. Cranes at the Vallapardam port. Credit: Wikimedia Commons M.K. Venu and Noor Mohammad New Delhi: The Narendra Modi government has relaxed its cabotage policy – a set

  • Bangladesh And Nuclear Power: Significance For India0

    Illustration of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant in Bangladesh.    June 2, 2018 IPCS     By Tarika Rastogi The Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant (RNPP) in Bangladesh has the potential to re-energise India-Russia cooperation and significantly enhance India’s geopolitical clout and standing in the nuclear community. The RNPP (whose construction began in 2013) will be Bangladesh’s first and

  • Afghanistan: Taliban, ‘Talks’ And Blind Optimism0

     June 2, 2018 SATP     By Ajit Kumar Singh* The latest round of efforts to bring Taliban to ‘talks table’ has commenced. Sounding optimistic, Atturahman Saleem, Deputy of Afghanistan’s High Peace Council (HPC), when asked whether the Council would wait for a Taliban response, stated on May 20, 2018, “Absolutely. Necessary pressures, military, political and religious,


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  • India and China must deepen their relations to sustain the vision of the Asian Century

    Dr. Manoj Kumar Mishra, 12 October 2019 While the second informal meeting between India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping takes place at Mamallapuram, in the Indian city of Chennai after the two leaders met last time in China’s Wuhan in April last year, some attempts need to be considered in order

  • Abrar Fahad killing: Bangladesh student was beaten for four hours

    9 October 2019 BBC Bangladesh student protests A Bangladeshi undergraduate student killed in his dormitory on Sunday days after criticising the government online was beaten for several hours before he died, witnesses told the BBC. Fellow students say Abrar Fahad was taken from his room around 20:00 (14:00 GMT) and beaten at least four hours.

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