• Can the US make Iran sanctions stick?0

      Credit: Faezeh Forouzan By James M. Dorsey      5 August 2018 Recent Iranian trade figures suggest that the United Arab Emirates, a strong backer of US efforts to squeeze Iran economically, could emerge alongside China as the Islamic republic’s foremost lifeline in seeking to blunt the impact of harsh sanctions. Russia and Oman

  • How China Dictates the Rules of the Game0

    “And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed— if all records told the same tale—then the lie passed into history and became truth. ‘Who controls the past’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.’” – George Orwell, 1984 Recently, news coverage of Asia has focused

  • Thai, Indian Infantry Troops Prepare for Annual Training Exercise0

    By Araya Phocha on Aug 02, 2018  Thailand and India will launch a 14-day combined military exercise codenamed “Maitree 2018” next week to share techniques about fighting insurgencies and terrorism, a military official said Thursday. The Thai Army’s 11th Infantry Division will host the annual exercise in Meuang District of Chachoengsao province from Aug. 6

  • Bangladeshi drug addicts get second chance; Rehabilitation center founded by an American missionary has taught residents the value of life0

    A child at the Apongaon center in Singair, Bangladesh, receives vocational training on June 26. (Photo by Stephan Uttom/ Stephan Uttom, Manikganj, and Rock Ronald Rozario, Dhaka Bangladesh August 2, 2018 The sun has started shining again for Muhammad Rafiq after most of his adult life was spent in drug-induced darkness. The 29-year-old Bangladeshi Muslim has

  • Religious bias seen in India revising citizenship claims0

      Bengali Muslims in Assam fear they could be deported to Bangladesh after publication of list Registrar General Shri Sailesh (right) and National Register of Citizens state coordinator Prateek Hajela talk to media in Guwahati on July 30 about a draft citizenship list that has sparked fears of deportation of largely Bengali-speaking Muslims. (Photo by Biju Boro/AFP) Nirendra Dev, New

  • India: Intolerance’s Threat to Liberalism0

    Liberalism – and the values of liberty, equality, individual dignity, tolerance, and freedom from bigotry and extremism – are under siege around much of the world, including the world’s largest democracy. India inherited an appreciation for liberal values as a result of British colonialism, underscoring the paradox that a system aspiring for ideals cannot rest


  • Sri Lanka: Leviathan in an Island Democracy0

    by Asanga Abeyagoonasekera      19/7/2018   “Mankind has a perpetual and restless desire for power, a desire that ceases only in death” Thomas Hobbes   India is concerned by growing Chinese influence in the North and East of Sri Lanka. Some of this concern stems from a housing project recently awarded by the Sri

  • A double-edged sword: China and Pakistan link up with fibreoptic cable0

    By James M. Dorsey      19/7/2018 This month’s inauguration of a fibreoptic cable linking Pakistan with China could prove to be a double-edged sword. Constructed by Chinese conglomerate Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, the cable is likely to enhance both Pakistan’s information communication technology infrastructure as well as the influence of Chinese authoritarianism at a

  • Whither Wahhabism? 0

    July 18, 2018 James M. Dorsey   Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Salman could well dash expectations that he is gunning for a break with Sunni Muslim ultra-conservatism rather than a shaving off of the rough edges of Wahhabi ideology that has been woven into the kingdom’s fabric since its founding more than eighty years ago.

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  • Bangladesh: Will this country become Pakistan or Kashmir?

      1. A political group is spreading the perception that the country will again become Pakistan if Awami League loses control of Bangladesh. They even suggested a label “Banglastan” for this supposed nation which transforms into an improvised Pakistan in the East. But symptomatically it appears to become another Kashmir, or in a classical sense

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