• Russia’s Perspective on CPEC0

    • Blog
    • September 17, 2017

    The inclusion of CPEC with the Belt and Road Initiative is a concrete example of how the Xi Jinping’s idea became an initiative. In this whole context of OBOR, Pakistan’s membership of SCO makes relevant to Russia or the Eurasian Economic Union. Otherwise, it is a little direct importance to Russia. Apart from a trade

  • Learning To Fish In Murky Waters: The Missing Link In Capacity-Building0

    • Blog
    • September 17, 2017

      September 11, 2017 By Stephen E. Webber and Donald E. Vandergriff * Building partner capacity has been recently recognized as a key mission set of the U.S. Armed Forces. It has received a great deal of verbal and written attention from military leaders and policymakers due to its centrality to ongoing operations in Afghanistan

  • Rohingya Genocide and Clash of Civilizations0

    • Blog
    • September 17, 2017

    During past few weeks, the most potent images and videos depicting rivers of blood beheaded children, and dead bodies lying on streets and burning people alive have bought a new debate onto the issue of Rohingya Muslims. This is not the first time that Rohingya has to face violence and brutality until now thousands of


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