• The Gulf Crisis: Southeast Asia has seen it all before0

      Semaan Khawam: Thawrat / Source Middle East Institute, NUS By James M. Dorsey Two competing visions of ensuring regime survival are battling it out in the Gulf. To Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the 2011 Arab popular revolts that toppled autocratic leaders in four countries and sparked the rise of Islamist forces

  • Sri Lanka: Crisis And Foresight0

    By IPCS By Asanga Abeyagoonasekera* The dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution brings with the promise of further human advancement. And yet, while humanity should be aspiring for a better life, disturbing events like the terrorist attacks in Manchester, London, and the Philippines, and the recent white phosphorus attack in Raqqa, Syria, point to humanity’s

  • Doom and groom Sri Lanka debates its antiquated Muslim family laws0

    Girls of any age can wake up married, without having given their consent Jun 15th 2017 | COLOMBO Activists have recently begun a vigorous campaign to change the law. They believe that Muslim girls are often forced to leave school to marry. But they admit that gathering data is difficult. Parents or guardians often lie

  • The Gulf Crisis: Grappling for a face saving solution0

    By James M. Dorsey A two-week old conflict in the Gulf goes to the core of key issues in international relations that hamper the fight against political violence and govern diplomatic relations: the absence of an agreed definition of terrorism that allows autocrats to abuse efforts to counter extremism by repressing non-violent critics and the

  • Can God die? Can cow die?0

    -Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal Eyeing national votes of majority Hindus, India’s fanatic Hindutva parties led by BJP claim the animal cow to be a Hindu god the Modi government is busy punishing those who possess cow for meat or selling cow meat. They target Muslims to gain the sympathy of Hindus for their votes. But

  • Book review; Aurangzeb: The life and legacy of India’s most controversial king0

    “Aurangzeb:The life and legacy of India’s most controversial king ,” written by Historian Audrey Truschke takes a fresh look at the controversial Mughal emperor. Truschke, an assistant professor of South Asian history at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey and an avid follower of Mughal history, attempted to undo the demonization of the Mughal emperor


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