• Doklam Standoff: Misunderestimating Bhutan’s Sovereignty1

    By Omair Ahmad on 20/07/2017 Today, as two Asian powers face off with Bhutan at the centre of this delicate situation, the outcome will show whether the Asian century has a chance to be a peaceful one, or whether it will replay the violence of the colonial period. Jawaharlal Nehru at Paro 1958. Credit: India

  • Is Doklam China’s way of telling India to ‘behave’ in the seas?0

    by  N Sathiya Moorthy ‘Little did those in India’s strategic community realise that any wise adversary in China’s place and circumstances would only take the land route to disturb and trouble India….It is along the land border that all of India’s post-Cold War allies would be of little or no political and diplomatic, and least

  • The Gulf crisis: A battle of megalomaniacs0

        Source: The World Bank By James M. Dorsey There are fundamental problems in trying to learn lessons or draw conclusions from the Gulf crisis for the role of small states in international relations. For one, the Gulf crisis is an epic battle between small states rather than simply one small state being targeted


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